Influence…How does it shape us? 

This was yet another great episode with an even more important message. Thank you Joshua Jacobs. Ben did a wonderful job directing and Rowan and Sabrina shined as always.

 Girl Meets Triangle

The dramatics were turned up for Breakup Monday!! I guess you can’t have a little drama without jazz music.  Those two girls in the bathroom are just like Riley and Maya and look what’s happening to them. Even the boy can’t escape the drama.

This Art teacher doesn’t mess around.

“What is that?” “That’s not who you are.” “I painted what I’m feeling, what’s wrong with that?” “What’s wrong with this is I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

What? Maya deviated from the assignment?? She hasn’t done that since 7th grade!

 “Why’d you pick that bench?” “I don’t know I just did.” “Well clearly it influenced you.” “What are your influences? Why are you the way you are?””When I look at this picture, this is what comes out.” “Artist have influences. Sometimes those influenced help them discover their own unique voice and sometimes those influences turn you into a copy cat.”– Truth- We are always going to be influenced by those around us. Some are good influences and some are bad but they always teach us something. “I’m going to call this incomplete, because that’s what this says about you.” And Maya is just got torn apart.

The girls bay window conversations are deep. Riley is trying so hard with Maya. She certainly isn’t the strong willed fighter she was before.

“Maya?” “What?” “Where are you? Where did you go?”

 The boys are back and they have jelly beans and a scale!! I knew immediately where this was headed as soon as Zay picked the bag of jelly beans up. Love the BMW Easter eggs hidden in this show.

Cory and Topanga are the best at giving advice so of course they can do something about this right??

Katy is back!!!! . “I shouldn’t be here, this is about my daughter.”  “We only raise Rileys” “Katy I need you to be  strong parent” Oh Katy does try so hard “Maya!” “That’s all I got.”

“Maya, I know who you are. Even your art teacher says that this isn’t you.” “Wait a second you’re having a problem in art, how is that possible?” Katy knows her daughter and knows that Maya is a great artist, so something must be wrong.  “Those influences help you become who you are” “Good influences are only good influences when they help you find you.” “I am me!”

Back in the Bay Window…

“Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be you.” “Why?” “Because you were always stronger than me and than you just proved it.” “How?” “Maya I only talked about it, but you actually did it. You became me.” “What’s wrong with who I am now?”  “My voice is still my voice Riley. You’re going to need to show me a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn’t.”

 I’m tellin ya Maya gets me all the time. 

Ohh Monet, I love Monet! It’s all about perspective. You can’t always just look at things close up. Sometimes you need to look at he whole picture. “A painting can sometimes be recognized for what it truly is by changing perspective. This may also be true with people” “I owe you an apology Ms.  Hart.” “Everybody does” “I Took another look at your piece.” “Your work is absolutely saying something.” She painted the Purple Cat!!! “You haven’t lost your voice. You’re screaming Ms. Hart.”

And so there we have it Maya is Riley. What happened? Is she really Riley or is she being convinced that she is?

“I’ve only ever benefited from the things you guys have taught me.” “I’m lucky to know you.”  “Ma, they messed me up.” “Yea I know babygirl, I gotta pay attention.”

Katy is hilarious.

“I’m her, I’m gone.” “I’ve always looked forward to seeing who the real Maya Hart turns out to be?”  “So have I” “You gonna take that away from us?”

“Thunder” “Lightning” “help me”

I love these two girls. They have the best friendship.

Awwwwwww  the bench. Riley has a huge impact on Maya’s life and I know she will find a way to help her.

As for the ending of the episode all I can say is WHAT?!

Anyway thanks for a great episode about influence and its impact on our lives. There are so many things that can influence us in our lives. We have to pick and choose those influences carefully. I know I have had many people influencing my life and what I do. 


See you all in 2 weeks  on July 8th for Girl Meets Upstate!! Shawn is back!!!

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You are your permanent record

I know I give shout outs every time, but the writing, acting, and directing are just that good. So shouts to Teresa Kale and Rider and Shiloh Strong for a great script and direction. A wonderful job all around to the cast as always. Rowan did excellent in this episode.

Ohhh Spanish class. It’s so great to see the different classes the kids go to other than History class.

Hola Roberta! “Today I Ama wearing sandals.

So Maya is good at English (class), Art and Spanish. hmm Maya is smart when she wants to be.

“An A is an A wherever you go.” “Yay!!”  “Spanish” “Gooooaaall!”

Oh no a D!! *gasp* Ay-ay-ay

“Riley. It’s only one grade.” “Yeah you know how many D’s I got in middle school. One time I got 5 D’s in one day.” “You’re cinco de Maya” “Haha oh I don’t get it”

“I must’ve been at this table a thousand times and a thousand times you ask “how was school” but you haven’t done it yet today. Why is that? Why?” “How was school?!” “Welcome to the first ever in her life, Maya refrigerator ceremony!” “Maya!” “How you do that Maya?!” “I did it myself with my own widdle head.” “No cheating” “All brainy” “Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyy” “Maya that’s an A! Let me smell that.” “That’s real baby.”

Maya sure is proud of herself. Look she even made it on the Matthews fridge.(I can’t get over how they treat Maya as a part of their family. I love their relationship. 🙂 )

Oh boy Cory trying to fix this situation.

“Riley you’ve always been a good student. You go to school, I’ll talk to your teacher.”

“Cory do you think you’re the best person for this?”


Well that didn’t go very well, but glad he’s learning from it too.

The next 3 years only get harder and what comes after that is ridiculous.” “Right so why not build their self-confidence?” “Because if we’re good teachers we can get them to do that themselves.” “Yeah, I have the tremendous disadvantage of loving her.” “I love them all.” (I’m living the ridiculous life right now and let me tell you it isn’t easy at all! Post grad life is a journey with MANY ups and downs.)

 Zay and Maya’s handshake. Winners vs Losers.

Smackle “Don’t hit on me in front of Lucas!” “Smackle!” “Don’t hit on me in front of Farkle!” “Smackle!” “You, me, Lucas, and Zay. We’re better than a triangle. We’re a quadrilateral.” “What’s that?” “It means a square. Over here we say square.”

CHEWBACCA nice Boy Meets World reference!!

Topanga is the best mom ever! Looking out for her daughter and husband. Aww

“She wants to talk to me” ” I’m going to get killed.” “Riley, we’ve always taught you that life would present its challenges. That’s what life is. You got a D on your Spanish exam, what are you going to do about it.”  “Before I leave to be your teacher. go get em'”  Auggie was great in this scene. “This is all for her benefit isn’t it?”

Loved this heart to heart between Riley and Farkle.  “You’ve always been Riley.” “That’s your permanent record.”

Back in Spanish class Riley put forth her best effort.

“Thank you for pushing me to raise my avocado.” “The potato am a good sailboat.” “That’s my girl Roberta!” “The potato am a good sailboat.” “Sit down!”

“You know what I’ve known all along. Even though I just learned it right now.” “Good teachers look down the road to someones possibilities.” (This reminds me of something my 1st grade teacher always said to us. “Use what you know and you’re good to go.” She passed away when I was in 2nd grade but this has stuck with me for 19 years. Though we are always learning something new, when we use what we know good things will likely happen)

Cory is still crazy and has his way of trying to help is  great. Topanga is still a strong personality who values her kids and their accomplishments. They are the best parents and look out for their kids  and Maya and I absolutely LOVE that.

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What’s Valuable…

Girl Meets Jexica

This episode had me in hysterics!! There were so many hilarious multi liners that had my sides hurting. Shouts to newest GMW writer Mackenzie Yeager for a side splitting script. The whole cast was spot on but Rowan shined in this episode with her comedic timing.

Haha Maya is embracing her full name and Riley thinks no one will like her, typical Riley. Riley gets one husband and of course she gives Maya five.

“Why do you care what people think?” “That’s all I do.” “Honey just write down something you like and stop being so dramatic.” “Okay I am the least dramatic person that ever roamed the face of the earth”

The guys’ answers were the best!!!!!

Favorite movie-Lucas “Oh Butch Cassidy” “Empire Strikes Back,” “The Notebook” “love never dies man.” Okay favorite song. oh “Desperado” “Anything by Celine Deon” “The sound of my computer turning on”

Hello to alter ego it’s like Jessica but x-ier”

I didn’t like not having the same schedule as my friends either, so I totally get Maya and Riley.

“I turned to talk to you in class to tell you about this little dry patch and I realized I was talking to Yogi.” “Hey you try that eucalyptus girl?”

The way the comments were read was great.

“You have a friend from Nairobi?” “Well we’re in the early stages of our relationship and he wants to give me money, so I say we’re besties!”

“Honey they don’t even have a real identity, they’re just trying to gain your trust.” ” I do trust prince Baji he does so have an identity.””he sent me a picture” “That’s Morgan Freeman” “it’s always Morgan Freeman?” “How can you not trust that face.”

1,2,3 Trick Me’s are the best!  Ahh yes Boy Meets World flashback!!

The Sneezing Panda, and Charlie bit my finger!!!! YES

Social networks can be a trap. What’s the real value? It is so true that we get caught up in the likes and comments and favorites. We shouldn’t post things to gain attention or make up an anonymous accounts. We just have to be true to who we are as individuals.

“And that bothers some people but not me because I’m too busy answering every odors private requests for advice.” of course Maya would attack Riley.  “Hi Jexica, my name is Lucas Friar…”

Clever move. Of course he knows. And of course Maya knows that he knows. But Riley is Riley and she would step it up to the next level and do something out there.

Oh hey there Jexica!

“It’s me Maya” “I know who it is nimrod! Why does everything have to get so out of hand?” “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Cory and Topanga disagreeing is the funniest thing ever. Don’t think Cory can ever win with Topanga. I’d love to see the day.

And…..everyone is Jexica! “I am Jexica!” “Yogi?” “Jexica”

“We’ll be right back after this with our lesson.”

They even added the transition to commercial into the episode. Brilliant. 

Matthews was right. Things changed and the piano playing rabbit took over.

“What’s valuable?” “Who you are isn’t measured by today or tomorrow, but by a whole bunch of days of what you do.” “The great thing about evolving is that we continue to grow and feel.” “Don’t be influenced by somebody else’s likes, or clicks, or favorites.”

“Who should determine what you think?” “Wikipedia” Gosh I love Maya.

The Bay Window is always a good place to go

“Lucas told me that you are Jexica.” Oh Zay “Guys I want us to last forever.” “Welll, how do we do that?” “By finding out that friends who know who you are, is the most real thing there is”

Great now I have a new cute video of a puppy to watch. Who’s Your Best Friend….Pizza

I’m pretty sure my sides hurt from laughing so hard in this episode. I love an episode that is funny yet has a great message that needs to be heard in our society today. Thank you for writing such relevant lessons. It’s so easy to get lost in the digital world now. 

 photo credit: Disney

Do Good

 Photo Credit: Disney

This wrap up to Part 1 was sweet, funny, and had the best message. Shout out to Matthew Nelson for the wonderful throwback and overall message! To the cast as always splendid job.

The opening of this episode was great! Riley would react like this!

 “I didn’t cry all last night, because I stopped when I passed out from crying.”

Maya’s bored reaction as Riley thinks about all of her friends. Haha of course she would go find food.

“Did you get to Lucas yet?”

“I hope Lucas…I hope Lucas…I hope Lucas has a very bad day!”

The girls reaction to jungle girl and motorcycle boots was funny. “Vroom vroom baby!”

Zay and Lucas in the locker room was hilarious! “Lucas and Zay in house!!”

Farkle and Smackle with the clones and robots was funny too. “Yo yo yo we’re the geniuses up in the this joint.” “And we need some stimuli,stimuli!” Gosh I love Smackle!

“I cloned myself.” “And I built her”

Auggie and Ava’s friendship is so sweet. Auggie trying to help Ava cheer up was precious. “Scruffles!”

Lucas’ realization of what he and the rest of the gang has done to the girls, shows so much growth in his character. I love seeing these characters grow.

“Well we just wanted to see what high school was like.”

“They’ll be okay”

“No you have to understand Riley.

“Riley has so much faith in people, yeah she had faith in the seniors.”

“But she has even more faith in us.”

“You know what, I not only can’t protect them here,but I abandoned them.”

“It’s not that we can’t go back to them.”

“It’s that we don’t deserve to.” “We left them.”


Haha love this new character Marley.

I love that Cory uses his lessons to get to all of the group. “Every patriot fighting for a cause is only as strong as the cause they’re fighting for.”

“Even I know, next thing he says is real important.” hahaha

This scene reminds me of the scene in the classroom from the pilot when Cory is teaching about the civil war and fighting for what we believe in.

Bay Window…you know it’s about to get real now.

“We gotta keep more eyes on me, because sometimes I go too full on Riley.”

The seniors came to visit and they are great. “We just wanted you guys to be together.”  “Your safe place is each other.”

Way to come back and teach the gang that their friendship is important is the most important thing.

They are in a triangle and isn’t resolved. Oh boy.

Awww Ava is breaking and coming back to reality. She just wants her best friend, and is over Scruffles the imaginary dog. Love that Cory is bringing his life lessons home to his son.

“When you don’t understand what life is doing, the most important thing friends can be is there for each other.”

Everyone is back together again!

“Guys the only way we’re going to get through our one year of high school is together like we always have.”  “Maya, there are four years of high school.” “I’m out”

They realize they have to face this massacre together.

“You guys showed us what it means to be strong and smart.”

An empty classroom? What does Cory have up his sleeve??

“Oh come on an empty classroom? Who does this?” “Me”

Loved Ben’s facial expression here.


 “Abigail Adams once said to be good and do good is the whole duty of man.”  “Do good? Don’t you mean do well?” “History has a way of repeating itself.” “That right up there. Is always going to be my lesson plan.” DREAM TRY DO GOOD History is repeated in the BEST WAY. (I may have squealed with joy when this happened. 😀 )

“In this room we find out how history relates to your present, and how you can’t get by on the successes of your past.””Stick together, do good, that’s how your going to have your best future.”

Haha love that the play the theater department is going is Our Town. Ha the details.

These seniors saw a big group of friends and wanted to make sure they stuck together. They helped make they’re friendship better with a legacy. 😉

Personal Story Time

This episode rings so true in high school! I know personally for me I went to a different middle school my 8th grade year and then entered high school with the same people I attended school with in 6th and 7th grade. It was different though, they changed and I had to reach out and make new friends over again. For me, thankfully I had my older sister who was a senior and helped guide me with her friends and encouraged me to branch out, to step outside my comfort zone. And why why wouldn’t I listen??   When you’re close to your sister and  you are 14 or 15 it’s wise to listen to someone older who is trying to help. It took me another year of trying to find myself until I really branched out and joined theater. Because of that I found something I loved, I found confidence and a group of friends that made my high school experience a memorable one! 

High School is hard…It’s not your fault

 Photo Credit: Disney

I  thought season 2 was amazing! This is just the part one and I can already feel this season is going to be beyond top notch! I was warned its amazing but WOW.  I didn’t think I could fall more in love, nope, I did. Shout out to Michael Jacobs for writing a wonderful start to season 3 and Joel Zwick for great direction and a huge shout out to the entire cast, including the awesome guest stars, everyone did an absolutely wonderful job!! Especially want to give a round of applause to Ava Kolker for an amazing performance! I can’t wait to see more of Ava Morganstern!

 Loved that this started like Cory and Shawn’s first day of high school. Hahahaha those poor girls didn’t see it coming. The parallels to Boy Meets World are great!!

Love that Smackle has joined them at Abigail Adams High!! (Love the name of the high school) It’s refreshing to see this group of friends in a new place. With new places (love the mural on the wall, i hope to find out what that means)  and environments comes changes and challenges.

“Us are in Jurassic Park” “You know who goes to our high school. Thor”

Love how everyone gets knocked around and Farkle ends up on the chandelier?!?

Some may disagree but l LOVE the new opening titles!!! A wonderful throwback to the original.

Those seniors don’t mess around. They picked Riley and her group of friends out from the start.

The freshman song is not very nice. “Oh we have come to Abigail with innocence of soul, and what we are is freshman, so we go into the hole.”

Ava and Auggie are growing too, moving up to 2nd grade!   Ava’s parents are fighting again.

I love that this show has carried a continuous subplot  from season 1 all the way into season 3.

Upon reading the note and Topanga telling Auggie not to sign it. This interaction was great. “What does she get?” “Everything!” “What do I get?” “The boxes everything came in.” “Yaayyy!” “Noooo!”

I love that Ava’s note says pre-nup!  It’s the little things that make this show stand out.

“Ava is there a chance you’re not mad at me, but at something else going on in your life?’ *shoves note at Auggie*

Cory is at it again “Good Morning and welcome to World History, who’s ready to learn!?” Meet Marley. She see’s right through you Mr. Matthews. High School is very different Cory.

Riley sure does love going with the flow of things. “So you want to throw us into whatever goes on in this place and see what happens?”  Lucas’ response to Riley was perfect. “Yes, because you know what I call that. Normal.”

Back in the hole. Some are starting to see things differently and tensions are rising. Sabrina’s delivery was hilarious with this line. “How am I a triangle with that?!” was hilarious!!

Cory, oh what can I say. The kids brought him into this and I don’t even think he’s prepared. “I gotta teach stuff now! That is not why I got into this!”

Lucas’ anger issues are back.  Looks like he doesn’t like the change, at least the way Riley is handling it. It looks like everyone is breaking apart and going their own separate ways, they don’t like the hole very much.

Awww Ava, Auggie, Cory, and Topanga!!! This scene was great. A lesson for Ava and Riley and her friends, even though they weren’t around. Cory gives out some pretty good advice. “You hope for the best in people. I teach that to everybody a care about.”  A sweet yet comedic scene.

“Stupid Marley doesn’t think so!”

“I’ve always been sure. Except for four times. It may have been more than four times. It’s definitely more than four times. It was 50,000 times.” Auggie’s reaction to his parents! He sees where this is going.

The seniors are at Topanga’s and they give some sage advice.  “You guys have to stop and look around more.” “That’s why we put you down there. Don’t jump so fast, look around.”

The confrontation between Farkle and Riley was great to see. Tension can be a good thing. Though they are fighting, they are growing and changing.

Maya sticks with Riley even though she knows that Riley’s choice isn’t what she sees it to be.

This scene hurt so much, yet it’s my favorite! My heart melted in this scene with Maya and Ava!! She’s talking to Ava about Ava’s dad leaving and reassuring herself of the still  lingering feelings of the fact that her father left her and Katy.

“When people you’ve loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave. Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you’ll try to figure it out. And you’ll blame yourself. But it isn’t your fault. You probably won’t believe that though and you think you did something wrong but you didn’t. It isn’t your fault. Most of all. You stay with your best friend.” 

Then there’s her monologue with Riley. She’s talking to Riley and again herself.

“People make the wrong decision and sometimes they decide to go away for a while. And sometimes it takes time to understand why. It isn’t your fault.” 

The double meaning in this scene was mind blowing!

Season 3 is turning the groups world upside down and will blown us all away! 😉  (A little Hamilton pun) I’m calling it now!!


Girl Meets World: Impact 2.0: It’s all about the lessons!

Now that  another season has come to a close, I just wanted to highlight the positive impact Girl Meets World has had on its audience. This show has touched on so many important topics that stand out in the world of children’s television.  The lessons taught on this show episode to episode are undeniably amazing and they kept getting better. Girl Meets World season 2 has brought some amazing life changing lessons, and here is my take on the shows creativity, brilliance and authenticity and some fans, as well as my favorite lessons of the season!

This is a show about much more than what character will or will not date another. This show is about life and learning and growing with a great group of friends. This show is real and this show is worth taking in for the lessons it is teaching everyone in the audience from young to older.

 Photo Credit: Disney

Here are some highlights and my take on the shows brilliance, creativity, and authenticity.

Brilliance- Girl Meets World is one of the best shows to hit Disney Channel. The way the creator Michael Jacobs and his writers have tackled even the toughest subjects is relatable and they are always done beautifully. The character development and this ensemble of a cast is amazing.

Creativity- The choices the cast and crew of this show make are amazing. From the way to episodes are brought to the screen from, and the use of various guest stars to guide Riley and her friends through their adventures in life, to the quality of the creative choices made to depict a specific atmosphere, creator Michael Jacobs and his team are hitting it out of the park.

Authenticity- Girl Meets World is one unique show in its own entity. The ability for the show to break the 4th wall is pretty spectacular. This show is unique because the life lessons really sink into many viewers lives. We the audience, are finding ourselves thinking of something we learned from an episode of Girl Meets World as we go through our lives and then applying it. This is a show that exhibits a realness that is palpable.

How did GMW impact YOU? Some fans sent me  of the lessons and episodes that stood out to them, as well as why they love Girl Meets World.

Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project

Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving someone else.

 Girl Meets Tell Tale Tot

It’s not the big gestures that we do for other people that help us grow up, but the small ones you make for yourself.

Girl Meets The Secret of Life

People Change People

Ava, age 10: (through her mother’s words) She loves to watch because she loves all the characters. She actually LISTENS to the lessons, because I hear her repeating them when she’s with her friends or she will repeat what she learned to me.

Girl Meets The Bay Window

Sometimes change may not be what we want,but sometimes change is exactly what we need.

 Change allows room for growth.

Stacey, age 32:  I love that I can see some of my favorite memories from my childhood and still watch it with my friends and it’s just as good. The life lessons that each episode gives are amazing 🙂


Girl Meets Commonism

Making individual choices isn’t easy, the important ones take work, but once you realize it, everything turns out alright and that’s when you discover who you are.

Girl Meets I am Farkle

How you live your life, what you do with whatever you’re given, how you treat the other people around you. These are your actions, this is your name, that’s who you are.

Girl Meets Hurricane

Never give up and always have hope in something. Life puts people in front of us so that we can be prepared for what comes next.

Girl Meets STEM

Your gender does not limit what you can do in life or the choices you make about what you enjoy.

Lisa, age 24:  Not only is GMW such a throwback to the original show, it also has it’s own charm which makes it unique and special. The new characters and their storylines are phenomenal. No one is left out and it breaks the mold on what people assume “Disney” to be. 

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

You hold your world in your hands. Nothing’s impossible if you take a shot.

 There is no end to your horizon.

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

We need to recognize people for who they are, and not what they look like, because it’s only our contribution to the world and each other that gives you any real stature

Julia, age 13: My favorite thing about the show is the different personalities and lessons from the show that are in each episode. 

Girl Meets Gravity

You’re not the center of everything. Surround yourself with the ones you love.

Girl Meets Money

What “us” can do for them. What can you do for others.

 Girl Meets Legacy

Sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason.

 What will you keep hold of and what will you give back others as you grow?

Thank You for a wonderful season of growth!! 


Legacy: What will you take with you? What will you give back

Girl Meets Legacy

What a way to end a season! This was touching and hilarious episode with one final look at John Quincy Adams Middle School.  As always great writing and directing from Randi Barnes and Joel Zwick!!! Peyton Meyer killed it in this episode! Thank You to the cast and crew for a great episode and end to a new beginning.

Loved the opening of this episode! Lucas and his note cards. Poor kids are all confused, as most 14 year-olds should be, lost and confused about feelings, it’s only natural! No one understands what is going on and that is perfectly okay.

Ha they stole Einstein Academy’s Goose to replace Farkle! Donnie Barnes Regular Goose

Ahh a quaint Matthews Family dinner complete with mashed potatoes!

“Life gets harder, tell her Auggie.”  “I’m doing fine.”  HA

The heart to heart Riley had with Cory and Topanga was so great to see. To be able to talk to them about life and growing up is something I hope to see more of.

“You guys are both going to be fine and there’s nobody stronger than Maya. Nothing can break her, I just don’t see it.” Enter a visibly distraught Maya Hart.

And Lucas just turned the tables.

“I choose to stop. “we’re just friends, I don’t want this to be the end of us”

Friendship comes first “young men and women ready for what’s next”  “The most important thing you can do in life is give people a reason to remember you. What will you give back?”

The exchange between Lucas, Maya, and Riley had me in stitches!

“I looked at Riley” “I know I saw.” “So I’m looking at you to even it up.” ” ohhh a girl always wants to be looked at to even it up.”  “We’re just friends and I love your outfit.” “HEY” “Your hair smells nice!” “You smelled her hair?!” Lucas! “I’m Dying Here!”

What are you grateful for? Who do you want to remember you?

Loved the heart to hearts with each teacher or in Lucas’ case janitor the kids looked up to! At first I was confused about Lucas’ choice in Harley but it really does make sense.  (on a random side thought I love what the clock mural says It’s never too early or too late to plan your future)

One last lesson for the road..and this one’s important.

“I’ve gotten to watch you guys become friends and I’ve gotten to watch you grow. You guys grew up so fast.  And I’ve been trying to teach you to keep your feelings inside. I was wrong.

A test to find out what you’ve actually learned here.


What’s the secret of life?

“People change people?” “What us does for them”

“How we help those who are less fortunate than us”

 “I am an us, I’m very blessed. We all are”


Sneak Attack

“Pearl Harbor” “Missy Bradford tried to tear our friendships apart, Lucas was new here and she tried to throw a sneak attack” “I think that was the moment we all realized what we really meant to each other and the moment that we all came together.”

Farkle Canada “Our greatest allies are the people right next to us.

Lucas “I think I was the most changed by these people.  I know that whatever I’m feeling I can just tell my friends. Everything will be okay.”

I absolutely loved this scene! It really touched on what I feel represents Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Lucas as individuals and what they value.

“I thought we stopped?” “I thought we were just friends”…”I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now. “We think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship” “Sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason.”

I love the friendship bench. It’s a small area that has so much meaning.

Congrats Graduates!!

Haha love the exchange between each Parent and Child……then Lucas and Zay!

I love that they signed a petition to promote Cory to High School!

And now we come to the final tag of season 2.

All I have to say about this is these kids are just discovering their feelings and they have to take their time to resolve everything and figure out what’s next for them.

That’s A Wrap on Season 2!! Round of Applause to the cast and crew for bringing us something wonderful. The end to a season of great growth and a sort of preamble to a season of feelings.  Again I say Thank You and BRAVO.  Can’t wait for season 3!!!!

 Photo Credit: Disney Channel