Creativity is powerful

Girl Meets Creativity was such a powerful episode!! The message behind this episode is so key and relevant as around the country we are seeing art programs getting cut from schools because of low funds. I personally was fortunate enough to go to schools from elementary to high school that had arts programs that I was happily obliged to participate in. In elementary school I participated in our Hand-bell Choir in the 4th grade….aside from that ,don’t we all remember learning how to play the recorder!! In 6th and 7th grade I picked up the violin and took part in orchestra, and in 10th-12th grade I participated in theater. Some children unfortunately are only exposed to the arts in schools and when they get cut an important part of their learning process it is gone forever, but enough my experience growing up, let’s dive into the episode ( I watch the episode as blog and try to give scene by scene thoughts)

In Art class and Riley is a MESS. The opening scene was funny with a predominate undertone. I love this art teacher Go Ms. Kossal!!

“Why is everything purple?” “Because you hide the purple from me and I finnnd itttt!”

I love that Maya is unashamed to show her art work. For Maya the door has always been closed and she has yet to walk up to the door and open it.

I also love Farkles line about Pippin! I love how he talks about be suspended from auditioning for plays…remember Girl Meets Truth! I love the music from the musical Pippin. (We’ve got Magic To Do…coming up soon.

Now let’s talk about the Dark Ages…. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from this scene.

“They’re cutting Art Class and you want to talk about the dark ages!”

“Riley if you put another purple cat on our refrigerator I swear I’m moving to Brooklyn.

This is such an important scene!! I love this so much!

Bay Window…5 hours later

Maya’s reaction to Riley saying she doesn’t care about her is funny!

“You know for someone who doesn’t care you are most certainly talking to me in ALL CAPS”

“Let’s go to a movie, or read a book, or listen to some music”

“You mean lets go to some art, or read some art, or listen to some art…..I didn’t mean to BELIEVE in something.

Maya believes in something, she believes in herself, she believes in art and sees its importance in her life!

I love the sweet moment between Maya and Topanga. Maya’s life is just as important to Topanga as it is to Riley.

Auggie is back!!!

Are academics so much more valuable than arts….(Why don’t you ask yourself the same question….How do you view the arts as a contribution to academics?) Let’s get ’em!

haha “You guys left me out there to die!” Auggie was hilarious in this scene

Empty Art room 😦

I love the dynamic between Mr. Turner and Cory in this scene ….so funny!

It is so sad that test taking has become so predominate in schools….not that is isn’t important…but really a class about how to take a test? I think these kinds of classes actually exist or something similar.

Topanga’s Cafe  Woahhh Lucas what are you saying here buddy!? Zay did a great job in this scene! Lighting up the FIRE inside that has smoldered.

School Board Meeting

It’s NEVER too late to do the right thing and taking away the Fine Arts is not okay.

“Bump, bump, bump ba da da” This scene in my opinion gave a wonderful perspective of what it would look like to take art away.  I loved it when they took all the art off  the walls.  This was the key message of the episode and played out creatively and humorously.

Maya’s addition to the numbers ( which I believe is true..the US ranks really low compared to other countries) haha her solution just get rid of math science and reading.

Maya’s speech is powerful ( I keep using that word..sorry guys)

“My hands are tied”

“That’s funny everyone keep’s saying that but their not. Look at them your hands are free, you just think their tied”

Tap dancing Farkle and Prime Numbers!!!! (Go Corey!) ( I took tap from age 9 to age 18!!)

“Creativity feeds science and science feeds creativity”

haha Auggie…I hate 23 let’s get ’em “I took all my art off the refrigerator….when you get home please take their art off the refrigerator too, otherwise you’re hippopotamuses!” “Please don’t cut reading!!”

Why do we get our hands tied and lose creative thinking?

I love that Maya’s favorite artist is ALL OF THEM…everyone who’s ever tried. ( There is that Hope I love to see in Maya) I love that Girl Meets World incorporates things that you can go out and find in the real world like Our Town from Girl Meets Gravity and now Guernica

Look what’s behind the door of Maya’s painting!!!! The horse that knew better.

Who noticed Maya’s artwork displayed in the classroom at the end of the epispde!!! I’m so proud of Maya for showing off her talent and standing up for what she believes in

Overall this was a laugh out loud funny, emotional episode with a great message!

If you have experience with the Fine Ars KEEP IT and tell your friends! Go see a play, go see a Broadway show, Go to the ballet, go to local art museums! The arts make up everything that surrounds us and should never be taken away. I hope you enjoyed my recap and thoughts on the episode!!


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