Say Geronimo

Girl Meets Yearbook was an amazing episode with a wonderful message, but it left me questioning oh so much. The whole entire cast did an excellent job!! APPLAUSE ALL AROUND. There was so much growth from all the characters yet again. There were so many moments So let me break them down. (BTW I’m writing these as I watch the episode yet again)

The opening to this episode was great and brought the laugh factor, but the moment that took it all was Farkle changing before our eyes…Donnie Barnes.

The lesson of the day in this episode was about Iceland and Greenland. Haha as a kid I thought Iceland was made of ice too. Cory was trying to teach the kids about reacting to the things people say and think about them and discovering who they truly are. A huge shocker in this scene was the two people voted favorite couple…Lucas and Maya!! Notice how Maya talks about the whole thing calling Lucas well Lucas and not Huckleberry ;). I personally didn’t really see it until this episode.

Morotia M Black…..LOL Dark Riley is FUNNY. Haha Donnie Barnes and Morotia in the same room….My favorite scene in the bedroom goes as follows.

In the Bay window of Riley’s bedroom

Farkle, Maya, and Riley sit next to each other

Maya: Guys listen,ok, I know you’re hurt. I know what people say can be upsetting but I have no interest living in a world without Riley or Farkle. And I’m not going anywhere until you two come back. You hear me?

Farkle: Maya, the people you knew aren’t here anymore.

Maya: Then can you please tell me where I can find them?

Riley: They’re in the yearbook. Keep in touch and have an awesome summer.

I love that Maya is trying so hard to fix her friends. Her solutions is an interesting one that will ultimately change her. I loved the dynamic between Maya and Katy…a lovely mother, daughter moment. ❤ Riley as Maya is really funny.

So I’ve talked about Farkle, Riley, and Maya, now let me bring Lucas into the picture…..let me first say I loved him in the episode! He is trying oh so hard to tell his friends that If you let someone say who you are then you really won’t be who you are, and you certainly won’t end up being who you’re meant to be. He tries to bring them back to reality.

Another moment I loved in this episode was seeing the friendship of Katy and Topanga. It was so funny, yet so meaningful in the underlying content…Katy’s love for her daughter and her newly discovered feelings for Shawn. She learned something about herself 😉 ;).

Maya also learns something about Riley and possibly herself….Riley see’s Lucas as a brother??? So does Maya see Lucas as more than a friend???

The final two scenes in this episode both had there moments…Maya trying to show Riley the “light in the world” Showing her the Riley her best friend taught her to see the world differently. After coming around Riley asks Maya if she learned anything about her that she should know about, the look on Sabrina’s face was brilliant and pulled on my heart. She loves her friend too much to hurt her.

Lucas and Farkle’s friendship growing in front of the audiences eyes. It was lighthearted and funny and I love that Farkle is trying to discover who he truly is and love that Lucas is with him all the way.

All that being said here are my questions

Who is Farkle really?

Are Lucas and Maya going to get together?

What are Katy’s true feelings for Shawn?

What does Riley really think about Maya possibly liking Lucas?

Oh I almost forgot, and thank you to @JonaAlmostFamous for pointing it out…the moment the Writers asked fans to listen for…the library scene from season one episode 2 Girl Meets Boy…..Maya saw Riley and Lucas as just friends from the beginning.


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