When present meets the past.

Girl Meets The New Teacher

The past connects the dots, while the present is now which leads to lessons being carried into the future. I love how this episode highlighted having one great teacher in a students life can be what shapes a student in how they turn out in the world. That right there automatically reminded me of my first grade teacher Mrs. England.  Mrs. England was passionate and cared about her students. She took some of her favorite things, like her favorite animal a Penguin, and made learning enjoyable and memorable.  She had this saying “Use what you know and you’re good to go.” and this episode reminded me of her.  You see Mrs. England got sick half way through my 1st grade year and had to step away from teaching.  She returned to teaching when I was in 2nd grade and then died suddenly from a brain tumor that same year.  Though she is gone, that saying has stuck with me for nearly 20 years! Harper Burgess reminded me of Mrs. England.  She took her love for literature which she received from her father to then choose a piece of literature Riley and her classmates could relate to in order for them to understand the “real” piece of literature “To Kill A MockingBird”.  Harper stuck to what she knew and good came out of it.

“What a kid is taught is what a kid becomes.”- Johnathan Turner Girl Meets the New Teacher


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