Rah-Rah: Follow your passion

 photo credit: cartermatte.com

Girl Meets Rah-Rah

Well it’s that time of year again…Cheerleader tryouts and Riley is determined to make the team this year!!

Riley’s unwavering determination and her friends willingness to endure her try out with her was sweet. They all know she’s not good yet they love her and want to support her.

The Riley bell was silly, but I loved where they took it in this episode!

The scene in Riley’s bedroom was really funny. I loved Farkle’s line “What’s the matter with you? Ring the bell, ring any bell, ring the door bell.”

Zay is just hilarious in this scene and I love him more and more.

I also enjoyed the two different sides of Cory. Father and Teacher rolled into one. At home he wants to protect her from the world, yet at school he wants to learn and discover who she is. Lucas’ line to Cory was a good one. “And her dad doesn’t want her to find out who she is?”  “NOOOOOO”

Overall this was a comical scene that worked well.

The moment between Topanga and Riley in the Bay window was really sweet. Auggie chiming in on how proud he was of his sister was adorable too! I love seeing Topanga as a mother.

The lesson Cory is teaching on Thomas Edison is so good. “Thomas Edison didn’t make it as an inventor until he did. He didn’t quit until he discovered something. Only you can decide when you quite. No well intended friend, no parent whose only trying to protect you, and no teacher who’s suppose to bring out the best in you can make you turn your back on something you’re passionate about.”

I love that Maya stole but for good reason. Maya: (As she takes the bell out of her backpack) Did you think any of us where going to let you ring this bell.

I love in the end Riley did make the team and I love even more that the team rallied around Riley!! We’re cheerleaders we know spirit when we see it.

The character dynamic between the Quad plus Zay was nice to see.

This was a funny episode with such a good message Don’t give up on something you are passionate about no matter what.


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