How does what you believe in help you in life?

Faith, Science, What We Believe and What that means to those around you?

Girl Meets Belief was such a powerful episode. A standing ovation goes to everyone for their amazing performances.  Girl Meets World took a message and topic that is not easy to bring up in real life, let along TV and transformed it into something beautiful.

This episode opens with Maya picking up a 5 dollar bill she found and keeping it.  Riley gets upset because she knows this is not right and that Maya should put it back. She tells Maya to read what’s on the 5 dollars In God We Trust….Maya doesn’t want to bring it up and goes back into the classroom. Riley puts out another 5 dollars and Maya finds that and keeps it as well. This opening ends with Riley looking upwards and saying “Are You seeing this?”

 Cory introduces a new assignment to the class in the next scene a lesson on Joan of Arc who believe to hear the voice of God and Thomas Jefferson.  Farkle retorts this idea and stands on the belief of not believing something you can’t prove.

 In this next scene Riley is upset that Maya doesn’t believe in God and is trying to push her friend in that direction because in her mind she believes that is the thing to do. While Farkle is trying to convince Lucas that Joan of Arc didn’t have a vision and stands on science.  I felt the exchange between Farkle and Lucas was interesting because you also have Auggie and Topanga listening in on their conversation. Eventually each pair determine they can’t work with each other and switch partners.  Maya says she needs a break from Riley and her beliefs but this switch doesn’t help them at all and they eventually end of switching a third time.

In this next scene in the Matthews Living room I loved the conversations between the group of friends. They each provided some very good “food- for- thought” moments.

First you have Riley and Farkle and they are talking about Thomas Jefferson and what Mr. Matthews wants them to take from assigning them Jefferson. Sometimes you have to see the big picture to understand.

Riley: Is that we he wants us to know? Believing in something is just the obvious thing to do? Farkle:  Not to me.  A scientist needs to hold things under a microscope Riley, that’s the only way to really understand what’s right in front of you.  Riley: Did you ever think that when you look through a microscope you miss the bigger picture. Farkle: No

Next we have Maya and Lucas who are talking about Joan of Arc.  Not everything is big and obvious. Sometimes it’s the small moments that mean the most and make the big difference.

Maya: Lucas what is it that makes people like her and you have faith in a higher power? Riley “of ark” is trying to push me there but I”m just not the type of person that likes to be pushed ya know? Lucas: Yeah I’ve noticed. I don’t think you can be pushed into something this important anyway, even by a Riley….. look, don’t expect it to be big, loud and obvious. Most of what I believe comes to me when it’s quiet.  Maya: Yeah I don’t get a lot of quiet. What do you do? Lucas: I don’t know, you just listen.

August Maturo did brilliant job in this scene! This scene really shows how impressionable children are and how what people say affects them. Auggie took what he heard from Farkle and Lucas at Topanga’s and formulated something in his head.

Out of all the scenes in this episode this Bay Window scene right here solidified so much.

It starts with a very profound statement by Maya and just expands into a beautiful message from there. This was a great moment between the four friends together.

Maya: Can I ask you a very personal question?

Riley: Are there any other kind?

Maya: Do you pray?

Riley: Yeah all the time

Maya: Isn’t that sort of…Riley: Amazing….Maya: Greedy?

Riley: Greedy, how?

Farkle: Shouldn’t you leave something for someone else

Lucas: Well I think everyone get’s heard.

 Enter Cory Matthews with the most spectacular analogy!!

 Cory: Take a deep breath Farkle. Now that air that you just breathed in. That air that’s between you and me. What color it is? Farkle: It’s clear Mr. Matthews. That’s why I can see you. I believe in you because I can see you.  Cory: That’s your position? Farkle: Yes Cory: Roy G BIV Cory: You got a prism on you farkle?….Great remind me what this does please? Farkle: It slows down the speed of light and refracts it into the elemental spectrum of colors. Cory: So this air that’s between you and me, isn’t really clear at all it is? Even though we can’t see that…..What’s outside that window Farkle? Farkle: Flowers, the fire escape, people, the street, the people on the street, the apartment buildings? Cory: And what’s in the apartment buildings? Farkle: I can’t see that. Lucas: People, mothers, fathers, kids Cory: and beyond that  Riley: the stars, the sky, the universe Cory: All of it. Every person, every child, everything out there. Everything we can and we don’t see. All of these shinning elements of a force that bonds us together.  I like to think of that as a part of God refracting. Aspects of God that I can see.

 Such a sweet, real, and special moment between Auggie, Cory, and Topanga!!! August Mautro pulls  a great emotional performance here it gave me chills!!

 I also love how Farkle by the end of this episode didn’t change his belief but has been given a new perspective about his friends and what they believe. He is just grateful to have them in his life.

This Tag for this episode wraps the lesson up perfectly!

Maya: I said a prayer last night. ( I just love how Maya takes in what she is taught. She listened to her friends and the ones she loves and made a choice for herself.) Riley: Can I say yay! Maya: It was real quiet.  I was alone in my bedroom looking out my window and all those people in all those buildings.  I just, I wanted them to be taken care of. You (to Riley) were in my prayer last night too and my mom.  Riley: Ohhh what’d you pray for me…no, that’s between you and . Maya: I want you to have an endless supply of great days. Riley: Thank You, what’d you pray for yourself? Maya: me? nothing.  I would never bug Him about me. Riley: Oh I always bug Him about me.  I like what you believe Maya. Maya: Thanks Riley. Riley: I will always have a lot to learn.

Photo Credit: Disney


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