Bring on the New Year and add some confusion

BRAVO to the entire cast who all did AMAZING in this episode. Round of applause to Mark Blutman for writing a great continuation to an already confusing story, and to Joel Zwick for great direction!!

The broken “fourth” wall!!!  I loved how the opening mimicked Girl Meets the New World’s opening scene. It was interesting to see how it played out quite differently though.  I’m telling you the subtleties in how things are said and/or not said actually says a lot!! Maya is pushed to reveal what happened and I loved how they took such a serious moment for Maya and made it funny in the way she delivered her line. Hmmm she didn’t hate it?

I love that we get to see Harper again!!! Maya’s reaction to the lesson..No no no no no no no!! First history class and English is trickling into their lives or so they think.

Harper: “Two young women with different ideas about what love is. One hid her true feelings to protect others, she felt this made sense, the other had more feelings than she knew what to do with, she was overwhelmed by sensibility.”

I feel like this comparison of Sense and Sensibility actually describes both Riley and Maya. Right now Riley is mostly sense but Maya has a bit of both. She hid her feelings from the beginning to protect Riley and now she’s overwhelmed by her feelings for Lucas. There’s no thinking she feels this way. It has developed overtime and took a big moment to make her realize something is different. Maya is such a nervous mess in this scene, poor thing doesn’t know what to do, she keeps fidgeting with her friendship ring. So much is going through her head.

The next scene is an interesting one to say the least. Maya and Riley are reading Sense and Sensibility and Riley is deep into the story whereas Maya is just at the beginning.  Riley decides to throw a ball to figure out how to settle this situation. Charlie knows how to just appear and stir things up. How does he do it?

The scene between Farkle and Riley was great. He cares so much for Riley and he is doing what he thinks is best. I tell you there is something to learn everyday. Dind’t know about the Horn of Gabriel but it’s interesting. Loved the Haaaaa from Farkle, haven’t seen that in a while.

The classroom scene and the three words written on the board.  This is clever!!
1. Friendship 2. Growth 3. Feelings

Cory Matthews bringing wisdom to all! We find friendship before we grow and with that friendship comes growth, and with that growth comes feelings.

Mr. Matthews: “Every event in history comes from someone feeling something and than acting on those feelings. Or sometimes being smart enough not to. That’s how you grow.”
Farkle:Is that in the test sir,
Mr Matthews: yes
Lucas: when is the test sir?
Mr. Matthews: Everyday

“Do you give into your feelings, or do you let your mind rule over your heart.” “What’s the most important word in the titile?”

Leading with your heart can and will get you into trouble and when you lead with your mind, the result may not be the best either. We really do need our head and heart with all decisions in life, not just those of romantic meaning.

As they are getting ready for the party  Auggie comes out dressed as the New Years Baby, silly but funny add in!  Topanga says something  interesting during this scene that caught my ear. “Here’s to the right decisions, for the right reasons.” Wonder what she is getting at.

Lucas arrives after Farkle and Smackle who are wearing matching christmas couple sweaters!! Smackle still makes a joke that Lucas is their third wheel. Lucas then walks over to Maya by the Bay window to say hi to and interestingly doesn’t greet Riley when she comes to sit by them and says hi to him, he just grins at her awkwardly then of course Charlie has to appear and say something awkward.  He’s like a magician!

Everyone mingles and then they decide to play the couples game. Charlie and Lucas kind of go back and forth on how well they know Riley, but the real tension in this scene comes when Lucas and Maya read their cards. “How would you describe your personality? Library or Campfire??  “Is it possible to love two people at the same time?” I love that they both avoid answering their questions by eating their cards and give each other questioning looks.

Aww Maya gets left alone with all the confusion swirling around in her head.  I absolutely loved this scene with Cory Topanga and Maya! Such a sweet moment, it truly shows the Matthews relationship with Maya.  “I’m a mess, whose going to clean me up?”  Topanga gives her some good advice yet again. “You have to stick close to the people you trust so they can put you back together again.”  “They’re all right here aren’t they?”
I love that she gives them a kiss and a hug. XO 🙂 I love that Maya takes what the Matthews tell her to heart. Maya especially takes in what Mr. Matthews says at face value. She’s a very smart girl.

I actually liked this next scene between Charlie and Riley. It shows that Riley is growing and recognizing something. We’ll what happens in the new year I guess.

Maya finally joins everyone else up on the roof and of course Maya can’t go to Riley about this because it’s uncomfortable, so she goes to the only other person she trusts, Lucas. Even though she’s confused she goes to him. She opens up to him because she cares.

I love Auggie!!! He almost made it to midnight!  5,4,3,2,1…and the Horn blows!  Yes, Yogi!!!!

The emotion shown in the faces of the core four (Lucas, Maya, Farkle, and Riley) reads perfectly, sometimes you don’t need words and that’s what I love about TV and storytelling!

And now we end with three people sitting on a bench under the stars at the start of a new year. What will happen now??? These poor kids better hold on tight because the confusion level just sky rocketed.

I personally love that we are left with no resolve. When feelings are involved nothing is settled in a few weeks or months or however long it’s been since the gang got back from Texas.  The writers are writing what is real. Keeping secrets, telling secrets, being confused about change and feelings. This is all real!!

photo credit: shineon media


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