Commonism: The individual is valued here

I don’t think any other show could take on Communism and do it as well as the cast and crew of Girl Meets World has proven.  This was a well written storyline by creator of the show Michael Jacobs and son Joshua Jacobs and an excellent directorial debut by Danielle Fishel aka Topanga!! Round of applause to the whole cast, but special shout out to August Maturo who shows his talent and strengths for comedy at such a young age!

This episode opens with an introduction of the John Quincy Adams Middle School honors board, where we find out Zay is on trial for boosting peoples lunches. Taking the pb&j and trading it for roast beef and bologna for a meatball sub. I love that Yogi is the Bailiff and is just eating away on his swapped out lunch. Riley is a funny one. “I think the key thing is to look at all the facts and not get emotionally involved.”

I love how we are introduced to Maya and Farkle and I thought the airplane bit with Riley was a funny one, I see what you did there!

Riley, being who she is, immediately throws her previous statement out the window and comes to Maya and Farkle’s defense, so she joins them.

As the day carries on we see that Auggie is in the conundrum every 7 year old has, What is he going to be when he grows up? What will he be in life? Topanga comes to his aid an gives him some pretty great advice. “Anything worth doing takes work” Auggie decides that he’s just going to become a lawyer and Topanga asks if he wants to know what it took for her to become a lawyer and his response is brilliant. “Please, No”  “It’ll just happen. I’m a chip off the old block, you’re the old block.” Comedy Gold!!

Back in history class Cory is teaching his lesson on Communism vs Democracy. Riley decides that together with Maya, the two are now “commies”. As the day comes to a close the Matthews family is gathered around the dinner table talking about the days events. Topanga questions her daughters wardrobe. Riley declares she’s a communist. I love her reasoning too, “In the words of the president of communism; “You may say hey hey I’m a dreamer.” Topanga tries to explain that the person on her button is John Lennon who was a Beatle. Love her response. “Mom, just because his beliefs are different than yours doesn’t mean you have to call him a bug!”

Auggie’s Elementary school does exist and so do Ms. Ducksberry and Emma Weathersbee! Auggie who is still trying to figure out what he wants to be, goes to school as a lawyer and tries to represent to class bully Frankie Big Hands. That quickly backfires on him

Back on trial Riley, Maya, and Farkle are all dressed alike and Riley has enlisted in the help of her mom to come to her defense. Gasp…TO-PANGA! Riley’s plan eventually backfires ( the matthews kids aren’t having the best day) and she admits to being an accomplice in the cheating trial adding herself to the list, case number 44.

Cory takes the opportunity to continue his lesson with the help of Maya.  “Karl Marx ( the person on Maya’s button) was the father of communism and Vladimir Lenin (the person on Riley’s button) led the revolution.   He goes to explain that John Lennon and Groucho Marx were two incredibly talented individuals. A free society breeds individuals. Sabrina nailed this impression of Farkle!!

Oh my goondessI  Love Auggie dressed as Topanga. He is his father’s son!

The next day Maya, Riley, and Farkle are dressed alike still and this time they are trapped in  a box. Riley, Maya, and Farkle start talking in unision.  Cory starts handing back a recent test and gives Lucas and Zay A’s or 100% yet gives Farkle, Maya, and Riley a 100% C.

“When you get everything right, but you don’t do it yourself makes you average. A divided by 3 equals C. “Look at you, you’re all the same. You’re common”.  Commonism. This is why it fell? People didn’t want to be same.”

“Without incentive there is no motivation. Without motivation there is no advancement”. (This is true about anything anyone is trying to achieve.)  “In a truly free society we get to share the best parts  of ourselves without cheating, because we get to learn who we are individually.”

“There is only one of all of us, it’s better that way isn’t it?” “We were founded on the concept of welcoming all people from all different parts of the world and encouraging them to find out who they are.”  “The individual is valued here.”

I love that the story between Auggie and Riley pair very well together.  Topanga is trying to teach Auggie that  “Making individual choice isn’t easy. The important ones take work. But once you realize it, everything turns out alright, and that’s when you discover who you are”.

In my own words:

If you make a choice in life that may not have gone the way you planned, it is okay because our dreams and what we are passionate about changes. We don’t need to cheat to achieve success. The important thing we must know is that if we work hard we will eventually find out who we are individually and everything will work out.

Photo Credit: Beautiful Balled


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