Confusion and Ring Power

Maya is so insistent on telling Riley what happened between her and Lucas from the train ride home to back in the halls of John Quincy Adams Middle School. Bless her heart. (Ya I’m from the south. Texas born but North Carolina raised)

I found it very interesting that Riley is holding up the conversation while Maya seems to shyly watch in the background until Lucas acknowledges her and does the exact same hi, hey, hi he did with Riley in Season 2 episode 1 Girl Meets Gravity. He’s not able to communicate with Maya. Hey how would it not be awkward. Lucas grabbed Maya by the face and almost kissed her.

And enter Charlie. Charlie Gardner!! Cheese Soufflé!! Haha and  of course Zay told him everything!

Charlie: I heard you and Lucas are going to be just friends.

Riley: Yeah actually what we’re doing is…

Charlie: I heard you’re free, are you free?

I love this scene in the bay window!! Oh the confusion and feelings and the approach of high school all three scary and very real things.The girls are growing up anc Cory is NOT ready.

Riley: We’re not in a situation, everything is fine.

Topanga: Maya!

Maya: We’re in a situation. I Love Sabrina’s face here!

Riley: Why do we have to have feelings?

Cory: You don’t. Get rid of em’

Topanga to Maya: You think you like Lucas?

Maya: how could you not like him.

Cory: I didn’t think you liked anybody?

Maya: It’s my facade.

Cory: Don’t use big words correctly, it’s not who you are!

Ohh the Hoover Dam!!

 Your assignment is to hold everything back and not let anything through until I die!! LOL Maya was the first to break through the walls. She just couldn’t hold it in. She did say she didn’t want to keep anymore secrets and has been trying to to tell Riley for days…….Hoover Dam!

Riley. Maya. Lucas

Maya: Matthews we don’t want everything you teach us about us, but this is just lazy.

Cory: I don’t have the time. I’m going right for it. You don’t think I could mash this up with the end of World War II if I wanted to?! America loves Russia, then America doesn’t love Russia. Japan loves France now, Japan asks France to go bowling….I can’t even finish! LOL Cory: I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Don’t let anything bad happen to you. As Cory starts to walk out Lucas: Sir the class isn’t over yet. Cory: nah I’ve had it!

This scene with Auggie and Lucas is the best!!! Haha why does Auggie have such a small chair in his room?! Auggie to Lucas As Riley’s only brother I’m telling you. Whatever happens Don’t Hurt My Sister!! This is so sweet and protective of him. Love the podcast bit.

I love that Cory called Farkle time. He knows Farkle can fix everything.

The first date- Maya and Lucas edition

I love Zay and Farkle watching and discussing their friends relationships. Shows a great dynamic between the two of them. My favorite part has to be the smoothie dump. You kind of see her smirking at the smoothie just before she demands Lucas start talking to her. I personally think she dumps the smoothie because he brought up that he delivered a baby horse, yet she already knows that from The Secret of Life episode.Lucas’ bit at the end was funny. “The miracle of life”

This is a very sweet mother/daughter moment between Topanga and Riley and I love it. And yes Riley yes. You do just have to hang on when you’re confused and feel like life is trying to throw you on the ground that is all you can do. I loved this line too. I love you and I love your teen angst. But I have to go to work so that I can afford you!

This scene in Topanga’s is important for many reasons. It reveals so much. First Maya is on a second date with Lucas and Riley is about to go on a date with Charlie. The exchange between Charlie and Lucas is funny. Charlie: Friar can you save this announcement for another time? Riley and I are about to go on date. Haha Lucas: Who goes on a date and doesn’t talk to each other? As he walks to sit next to Maya Oh yeah we do, Hi. Maya: hello as she smiles at him. The look in Riley’s eyes right after this reads so much into what she feels.

The scene outside of Topangas broke my heart for Riley. I love how they utilized the flashes of different moments between the three characters.

The tag for this episode was everything!!! While both girls don’t know what is about to happen friendship above all!

Maya to Riley

How was your date. Riley: I don’t know.

Riley to Maya How was your date. (Notice she called it a date this time) Maya: I don’t know. Riley: Do we know anything?

Through it all the girls will always have their ring power.

Ring Power, Ring Power, Thunder, Lightning, A Little Scared, Me too.

When it comes down to it I think everyone is just confused. Not much was resolved and questions still need to be answered.Confusion,feelings, and change. The life of 14 year olds everywhere!

Bravo to the cast and crew to an amazing end to an amazing trilogy!!! Kicking it up this season as always. Keep it up!!


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