Do Good

 Photo Credit: Disney

This wrap up to Part 1 was sweet, funny, and had the best message. Shout out to Matthew Nelson for the wonderful throwback and overall message! To the cast as always splendid job.

The opening of this episode was great! Riley would react like this!

 “I didn’t cry all last night, because I stopped when I passed out from crying.”

Maya’s bored reaction as Riley thinks about all of her friends. Haha of course she would go find food.

“Did you get to Lucas yet?”

“I hope Lucas…I hope Lucas…I hope Lucas has a very bad day!”

The girls reaction to jungle girl and motorcycle boots was funny. “Vroom vroom baby!”

Zay and Lucas in the locker room was hilarious! “Lucas and Zay in house!!”

Farkle and Smackle with the clones and robots was funny too. “Yo yo yo we’re the geniuses up in the this joint.” “And we need some stimuli,stimuli!” Gosh I love Smackle!

“I cloned myself.” “And I built her”

Auggie and Ava’s friendship is so sweet. Auggie trying to help Ava cheer up was precious. “Scruffles!”

Lucas’ realization of what he and the rest of the gang has done to the girls, shows so much growth in his character. I love seeing these characters grow.

“Well we just wanted to see what high school was like.”

“They’ll be okay”

“No you have to understand Riley.

“Riley has so much faith in people, yeah she had faith in the seniors.”

“But she has even more faith in us.”

“You know what, I not only can’t protect them here,but I abandoned them.”

“It’s not that we can’t go back to them.”

“It’s that we don’t deserve to.” “We left them.”


Haha love this new character Marley.

I love that Cory uses his lessons to get to all of the group. “Every patriot fighting for a cause is only as strong as the cause they’re fighting for.”

“Even I know, next thing he says is real important.” hahaha

This scene reminds me of the scene in the classroom from the pilot when Cory is teaching about the civil war and fighting for what we believe in.

Bay Window…you know it’s about to get real now.

“We gotta keep more eyes on me, because sometimes I go too full on Riley.”

The seniors came to visit and they are great. “We just wanted you guys to be together.”  “Your safe place is each other.”

Way to come back and teach the gang that their friendship is important is the most important thing.

They are in a triangle and isn’t resolved. Oh boy.

Awww Ava is breaking and coming back to reality. She just wants her best friend, and is over Scruffles the imaginary dog. Love that Cory is bringing his life lessons home to his son.

“When you don’t understand what life is doing, the most important thing friends can be is there for each other.”

Everyone is back together again!

“Guys the only way we’re going to get through our one year of high school is together like we always have.”  “Maya, there are four years of high school.” “I’m out”

They realize they have to face this massacre together.

“You guys showed us what it means to be strong and smart.”

An empty classroom? What does Cory have up his sleeve??

“Oh come on an empty classroom? Who does this?” “Me”

Loved Ben’s facial expression here.


 “Abigail Adams once said to be good and do good is the whole duty of man.”  “Do good? Don’t you mean do well?” “History has a way of repeating itself.” “That right up there. Is always going to be my lesson plan.” DREAM TRY DO GOOD History is repeated in the BEST WAY. (I may have squealed with joy when this happened. 😀 )

“In this room we find out how history relates to your present, and how you can’t get by on the successes of your past.””Stick together, do good, that’s how your going to have your best future.”

Haha love that the play the theater department is going is Our Town. Ha the details.

These seniors saw a big group of friends and wanted to make sure they stuck together. They helped make they’re friendship better with a legacy. 😉

Personal Story Time

This episode rings so true in high school! I know personally for me I went to a different middle school my 8th grade year and then entered high school with the same people I attended school with in 6th and 7th grade. It was different though, they changed and I had to reach out and make new friends over again. For me, thankfully I had my older sister who was a senior and helped guide me with her friends and encouraged me to branch out, to step outside my comfort zone. And why why wouldn’t I listen??   When you’re close to your sister and  you are 14 or 15 it’s wise to listen to someone older who is trying to help. It took me another year of trying to find myself until I really branched out and joined theater. Because of that I found something I loved, I found confidence and a group of friends that made my high school experience a memorable one! 


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