Girl Meets Rileytown

Girl Meets Rileytown

WOAHH talk about a TEARJERKER!!

This was such an emotionally powerful episode with a message that stands true whether you are a teen or adult, because bullies are everywhere in all walks of life.  The cast all did an  INCREDIBLE job and they continue to make me a proud fan of the show!

This episode really hits you hard from the opening scene.

In what ways do human beings resolve conflict….They bring in the mama!! LOL

I absolutely love that Rowan decided to go method for this episode!

 credit goes to floralhart on tumblr

I love that after the big ice cream duel, Farkle led Maya to the cause of Riley’s conflict. He took something Maya suspected (something wasn’t right about her friend), and opened her eyes to it.

The Bay window was a wonderfully, emotionally, powerful scene that I’m almost sure made everyone cry. It showed that Riley and Maya have a strong friendship that continues to grow as the season moves forward, because hey this show is REAL and I love it! Your friends are there to help pick you up when you are down. I like the fact that Farkle brought up the turtleneck because Riley helped him through that and now He has pointed out that she needs to let her friends help her with her bully.

Gosh I love Zay!! He is hilarious!

I love Riley and her quirkiness and I love how she faced her bully face to face and showed her she wasn’t going to let her bully her anymore, and showed her what really matters.

Friendship: “There’s nothing more valuable than friends when you have to go through life, but even if your friends aren’t around. Even if you’re all alone, there’s always someone to turn to. A parent or a teacher, it’s okay to ask for help.”

Growth: “Rely on each other. Grow together. But sometimes you have to grow by yourself. Whatever it is that makes it’s way to you, it’s just shadows from your intimidating world. Don’t live in the shadow, your growth can help get you back into the sun.”

Look Riles, the farther away she goes, the smaller she gets.

photo credit goes to just jared jr

I’d like to take a moment to share a bullying experience I had as an 18 year old freshman in college.

So as a freshman I was on the quieter side and just kind of went with the flow of things. My roommate seemed to be fine with everything, but clearly she wasn’t. Well one evening she went out for the night and left her key in the room. Let if be known, that I always locked to door before I went to bed. Well I was rudely woken up at around 3 in the morning to LOUD banging on the door and yelling to open the door. She was not alone so I called my big sister immediately and talked to her quietly on the phone. She told me to go back to sleep so I did. The next morning, which happened to be my little sister’s Birthday, I leave my room, only to find threats written, not only by my roommate, but her friends as well, on the door in black marker to be seen by the whole hall. Some of the threats and comments were “You’re immature”, “Your dumb”, “You need to grow up”, etc. But the thing that got to me the most was “You need to sleep with one eye open.” I immediately called my parents and then seeked help from the dorm supervisor. I’m so thankful for help offered in college. (If you are in school and encounter a problem seek help, because people are there to help you) I was moved out of my room that day and had a Wonderful friend who helped me pack up my things. As my friend Stephanie and I took a break for dinner and came back….my roommate was still at her antics. She left a note for to get my stuff and get out to the room. She even stole one of my shoes.

PLEASE turn to your friends, a teacher, your parents, your Resident Adviser, someone for help.


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