GMW Impact 2015

I came across this podcast done in June of 2015 with creator of Girl Meets World Michael Jacobs and this  particular answer, which I will explain below, stuck out to me because it is the reason I clung onto this show to begin with.

In the podcast the interviewer stated that the Pilot was about Maya finding out who she is and how her life impacts Riley. Michael follows up with this statement… “The best shows on television have always been ensembles.” “It’s always the relationship that moves you.” “Maya’s journey is the sounding board of Riley and her morality and what she’s trying to be in the world that will influence Maya’s Journey.”

I knew there was a reason why I loved Maya. When I think back to watching this show from the beginning, she is the character that drew me in immediately. I saw from the beginning a glimpse into her life and her relationship with the her best friend and the importance Riley and her family have had on her life.  That right there is why I’m so fond of Maya Hart, because Maya’s life impacts Riley and they will grow together in friendship. Girl Meets World started with a strong foundation of friendship in the 1st season and has transitioned beautifully into growth as the 2nd season comes to an end. I can’t wait for season 3 which is going to be about feelings. The lessons learned this year from a single show are profound and powerful ( People Change People for instance has been brought up in multiple episodes and stands so true in life. The people you surround yourself with in life will shape and mold you into the person you are meant to to.) If you really think about it, all through life we go through friendship, growth, and feelings. Bottom line is this show IS indeed a great ensemble of  people (actors, actresses, writers, and crew)




 Thank You @MerrillBarr on twitter for the awesome podcast interview and Michael Jacobs for an  amazing answer.


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