High School is hard…It’s not your fault

 Photo Credit: Disney

I  thought season 2 was amazing! This is just the part one and I can already feel this season is going to be beyond top notch! I was warned its amazing but WOW.  I didn’t think I could fall more in love, nope, I did. Shout out to Michael Jacobs for writing a wonderful start to season 3 and Joel Zwick for great direction and a huge shout out to the entire cast, including the awesome guest stars, everyone did an absolutely wonderful job!! Especially want to give a round of applause to Ava Kolker for an amazing performance! I can’t wait to see more of Ava Morganstern!

 Loved that this started like Cory and Shawn’s first day of high school. Hahahaha those poor girls didn’t see it coming. The parallels to Boy Meets World are great!!

Love that Smackle has joined them at Abigail Adams High!! (Love the name of the high school) It’s refreshing to see this group of friends in a new place. With new places (love the mural on the wall, i hope to find out what that means)  and environments comes changes and challenges.

“Us are in Jurassic Park” “You know who goes to our high school. Thor”

Love how everyone gets knocked around and Farkle ends up on the chandelier?!?

Some may disagree but l LOVE the new opening titles!!! A wonderful throwback to the original.

Those seniors don’t mess around. They picked Riley and her group of friends out from the start.

The freshman song is not very nice. “Oh we have come to Abigail with innocence of soul, and what we are is freshman, so we go into the hole.”

Ava and Auggie are growing too, moving up to 2nd grade!   Ava’s parents are fighting again.

I love that this show has carried a continuous subplot  from season 1 all the way into season 3.

Upon reading the note and Topanga telling Auggie not to sign it. This interaction was great. “What does she get?” “Everything!” “What do I get?” “The boxes everything came in.” “Yaayyy!” “Noooo!”

I love that Ava’s note says pre-nup!  It’s the little things that make this show stand out.

“Ava is there a chance you’re not mad at me, but at something else going on in your life?’ *shoves note at Auggie*

Cory is at it again “Good Morning and welcome to World History, who’s ready to learn!?” Meet Marley. She see’s right through you Mr. Matthews. High School is very different Cory.

Riley sure does love going with the flow of things. “So you want to throw us into whatever goes on in this place and see what happens?”  Lucas’ response to Riley was perfect. “Yes, because you know what I call that. Normal.”

Back in the hole. Some are starting to see things differently and tensions are rising. Sabrina’s delivery was hilarious with this line. “How am I a triangle with that?!” was hilarious!!

Cory, oh what can I say. The kids brought him into this and I don’t even think he’s prepared. “I gotta teach stuff now! That is not why I got into this!”

Lucas’ anger issues are back.  Looks like he doesn’t like the change, at least the way Riley is handling it. It looks like everyone is breaking apart and going their own separate ways, they don’t like the hole very much.

Awww Ava, Auggie, Cory, and Topanga!!! This scene was great. A lesson for Ava and Riley and her friends, even though they weren’t around. Cory gives out some pretty good advice. “You hope for the best in people. I teach that to everybody a care about.”  A sweet yet comedic scene.

“Stupid Marley doesn’t think so!”

“I’ve always been sure. Except for four times. It may have been more than four times. It’s definitely more than four times. It was 50,000 times.” Auggie’s reaction to his parents! He sees where this is going.

The seniors are at Topanga’s and they give some sage advice.  “You guys have to stop and look around more.” “That’s why we put you down there. Don’t jump so fast, look around.”

The confrontation between Farkle and Riley was great to see. Tension can be a good thing. Though they are fighting, they are growing and changing.

Maya sticks with Riley even though she knows that Riley’s choice isn’t what she sees it to be.

This scene hurt so much, yet it’s my favorite! My heart melted in this scene with Maya and Ava!! She’s talking to Ava about Ava’s dad leaving and reassuring herself of the still  lingering feelings of the fact that her father left her and Katy.

“When people you’ve loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave. Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you’ll try to figure it out. And you’ll blame yourself. But it isn’t your fault. You probably won’t believe that though and you think you did something wrong but you didn’t. It isn’t your fault. Most of all. You stay with your best friend.” 

Then there’s her monologue with Riley. She’s talking to Riley and again herself.

“People make the wrong decision and sometimes they decide to go away for a while. And sometimes it takes time to understand why. It isn’t your fault.” 

The double meaning in this scene was mind blowing!

Season 3 is turning the groups world upside down and will blown us all away! 😉  (A little Hamilton pun) I’m calling it now!!



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