I’ll sprinkle you with goodness

This such an emotional and powerful episode. Ivy George and Lindsey Lamer broke some hearts in this episode and did a wonderful job portraying younger Maya and Riley. Ivy tuned into Maya’s hard and emotional past perfectly and Lindsey really nailed Riley’s quirkiness and mannerisms.  Joshua Jacobs wrote a very real, honest, and beautiful episode and Ben Savage did a phenomenal job with his direction.  Sabrina broke our hearts once again as we got real deep into Maya’s head and her past. Standing ovation to the whole cast!

In life even the simplest changes are hard for some.  I love how this episode opened with something we thought was simple and small, yet turned into a wonderful depiction of a strong, loyal, and true friendship.

“Some things mean too much to us to ever change. I don’t want this place to ever change.”  “This place has always been my sanctuary from the storm.” This provides the audience yet another view into Maya’s world.  I love that this starts from what Maya is thinking and what she wants. To look into Riley’s life, you have to find out who Maya is as well. “With you I’m safe, we’re not changing that.”

Aww little Riley, Maya, and Farkle are adorable. “You have to wift your head.” “I am not a smart person.” “I’m scared of vampires, and they bite your neck.” Great acting by these three little ones.

Back at the Bay window Lucas, or as Maya calls him Hee Haw, shows up out of nowhere to add to their discussion about change and growing up.  The musical tribute was hilarious. “Riley have some dignity woman!” “Who will treat me like a princess.” “Like me” “Not you” “okay”

Haha love how Lucas’ childhood pictures never change. “It’s time to forget about the past.” “Why do we have to?”

…. the bay window is destroyed…

 The truth is people get comfortable with what’s familiar. And when you get too comfortable, you don’t allow yourself room to grow.”   “The worst you can do is fold your arms and refuse to accept what’s supposed to come anyway.”

Love that we get a Cory and Topanga flashback…. just how I imagined a freaked out almost dad to be again Cory would react.Little Riley’s reaction is cute. She wants things to stay the same and not change.  “Why do we need another baby? We just need mommy, daddy,  Riley, Maya” aww how precious even then Maya was part of the Matthews family.  then the funny fades and a serious tone proceeds. These lines lines  broke millions of hearts “Your family loves each other, you’re very lucky.”  “We don’t know where my daddy is”

The creative direction that this show is going is wonderful. Taking each character and giving the audience a look into their lives. This makes it believable and captures our hearts. “That was the day I decided maybe change wasn’t such a good thing.”  Riley tries to comfort Maya by telling her “Sometimes change is a good thing.”  as she tries to encourage her and explain that change can lead to growing up.

For everyone change is different but being able to learn through Maya, when her dad left and what she witnessed with her mom and dad fighting and what she found in the Matthews family that she wants to hold onto was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. She tries to be strong, but deep down she is hurt and vulnerable and I love that. Maya is surrounded by her friends who love her.

I love what Riley says to Maya “High School’s just the next place. Your safe place is us; your safe place is me.”

Maya and Riley’s first meeting was adorable. Maya ran away to a place that looked safe and fun.  I love that Cory had a baby monitor in Riley’s room to check in on her.

“I sit here and I hope.” “I’m Maya Penelope Hart” “Hi Maya” “Are we friends forever?” “Whatever you want” “I wanna call you peaches!” Aww Little Maya and Riley with older Maya and Riley was great They sat and talked about life and change and friendship it was amazing. “Our daddy’s gone” “Is everything going to be okay?” “and you’ll tell us all about them peaches?”

7, 14, and 21…. Riley and Maya. Time to grow up and change. “Now we leave this place Maya.” “How do we do that, all of our memories are here.” “We take them with us.

Then they leave taking their memories with them. Did anyone else notice the Boy Meets World music that played as the girls walked up to leave their old memories behind.  ( My tears just flowed here)

I love Riley’s new design of the Bay Window! Aww the pictures of the three stages of Riley and Maya’s friendship are on the brick wall closest to the dresser. Later older Maya and Riley are replaced with some art leaving space for a new picture. 🙂

Bay Window was about change, it’s about growing, it’s about keeping hold of the memories we have and moving forward.

I just have to say THANK YOU for bringing such a wonderful show that teaches everyone at many different stages of life. We all must learn to take our memories with us as we grow and change, this is true all throughout our lives and though change can be hard and scary we must move on with hope, love, and friendship.

photos courtesy of  beautifulballad


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