Influence…How does it shape us? 

This was yet another great episode with an even more important message. Thank you Joshua Jacobs. Ben did a wonderful job directing and Rowan and Sabrina shined as always.

 Girl Meets Triangle

The dramatics were turned up for Breakup Monday!! I guess you can’t have a little drama without jazz music.  Those two girls in the bathroom are just like Riley and Maya and look what’s happening to them. Even the boy can’t escape the drama.

This Art teacher doesn’t mess around.

“What is that?” “That’s not who you are.” “I painted what I’m feeling, what’s wrong with that?” “What’s wrong with this is I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

What? Maya deviated from the assignment?? She hasn’t done that since 7th grade!

 “Why’d you pick that bench?” “I don’t know I just did.” “Well clearly it influenced you.” “What are your influences? Why are you the way you are?””When I look at this picture, this is what comes out.” “Artist have influences. Sometimes those influenced help them discover their own unique voice and sometimes those influences turn you into a copy cat.”– Truth- We are always going to be influenced by those around us. Some are good influences and some are bad but they always teach us something. “I’m going to call this incomplete, because that’s what this says about you.” And Maya is just got torn apart.

The girls bay window conversations are deep. Riley is trying so hard with Maya. She certainly isn’t the strong willed fighter she was before.

“Maya?” “What?” “Where are you? Where did you go?”

 The boys are back and they have jelly beans and a scale!! I knew immediately where this was headed as soon as Zay picked the bag of jelly beans up. Love the BMW Easter eggs hidden in this show.

Cory and Topanga are the best at giving advice so of course they can do something about this right??

Katy is back!!!! . “I shouldn’t be here, this is about my daughter.”  “We only raise Rileys” “Katy I need you to be  strong parent” Oh Katy does try so hard “Maya!” “That’s all I got.”

“Maya, I know who you are. Even your art teacher says that this isn’t you.” “Wait a second you’re having a problem in art, how is that possible?” Katy knows her daughter and knows that Maya is a great artist, so something must be wrong.  “Those influences help you become who you are” “Good influences are only good influences when they help you find you.” “I am me!”

Back in the Bay Window…

“Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be you.” “Why?” “Because you were always stronger than me and than you just proved it.” “How?” “Maya I only talked about it, but you actually did it. You became me.” “What’s wrong with who I am now?”  “My voice is still my voice Riley. You’re going to need to show me a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn’t.”

 I’m tellin ya Maya gets me all the time. 

Ohh Monet, I love Monet! It’s all about perspective. You can’t always just look at things close up. Sometimes you need to look at he whole picture. “A painting can sometimes be recognized for what it truly is by changing perspective. This may also be true with people” “I owe you an apology Ms.  Hart.” “Everybody does” “I Took another look at your piece.” “Your work is absolutely saying something.” She painted the Purple Cat!!! “You haven’t lost your voice. You’re screaming Ms. Hart.”

And so there we have it Maya is Riley. What happened? Is she really Riley or is she being convinced that she is?

“I’ve only ever benefited from the things you guys have taught me.” “I’m lucky to know you.”  “Ma, they messed me up.” “Yea I know babygirl, I gotta pay attention.”

Katy is hilarious.

“I’m her, I’m gone.” “I’ve always looked forward to seeing who the real Maya Hart turns out to be?”  “So have I” “You gonna take that away from us?”

“Thunder” “Lightning” “help me”

I love these two girls. They have the best friendship.

Awwwwwww  the bench. Riley has a huge impact on Maya’s life and I know she will find a way to help her.

As for the ending of the episode all I can say is WHAT?!

Anyway thanks for a great episode about influence and its impact on our lives. There are so many things that can influence us in our lives. We have to pick and choose those influences carefully. I know I have had many people influencing my life and what I do. 


See you all in 2 weeks  on July 8th for Girl Meets Upstate!! Shawn is back!!!

Photo Credit: Disney


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