Legacy: What will you take with you? What will you give back

Girl Meets Legacy

What a way to end a season! This was touching and hilarious episode with one final look at John Quincy Adams Middle School.  As always great writing and directing from Randi Barnes and Joel Zwick!!! Peyton Meyer killed it in this episode! Thank You to the cast and crew for a great episode and end to a new beginning.

Loved the opening of this episode! Lucas and his note cards. Poor kids are all confused, as most 14 year-olds should be, lost and confused about feelings, it’s only natural! No one understands what is going on and that is perfectly okay.

Ha they stole Einstein Academy’s Goose to replace Farkle! Donnie Barnes Regular Goose

Ahh a quaint Matthews Family dinner complete with mashed potatoes!

“Life gets harder, tell her Auggie.”  “I’m doing fine.”  HA

The heart to heart Riley had with Cory and Topanga was so great to see. To be able to talk to them about life and growing up is something I hope to see more of.

“You guys are both going to be fine and there’s nobody stronger than Maya. Nothing can break her, I just don’t see it.” Enter a visibly distraught Maya Hart.

And Lucas just turned the tables.

“I choose to stop. “we’re just friends, I don’t want this to be the end of us”

Friendship comes first “young men and women ready for what’s next”  “The most important thing you can do in life is give people a reason to remember you. What will you give back?”

The exchange between Lucas, Maya, and Riley had me in stitches!

“I looked at Riley” “I know I saw.” “So I’m looking at you to even it up.” ” ohhh a girl always wants to be looked at to even it up.”  “We’re just friends and I love your outfit.” “HEY” “Your hair smells nice!” “You smelled her hair?!” Lucas! “I’m Dying Here!”

What are you grateful for? Who do you want to remember you?

Loved the heart to hearts with each teacher or in Lucas’ case janitor the kids looked up to! At first I was confused about Lucas’ choice in Harley but it really does make sense.  (on a random side thought I love what the clock mural says It’s never too early or too late to plan your future)

One last lesson for the road..and this one’s important.

“I’ve gotten to watch you guys become friends and I’ve gotten to watch you grow. You guys grew up so fast.  And I’ve been trying to teach you to keep your feelings inside. I was wrong.

A test to find out what you’ve actually learned here.


What’s the secret of life?

“People change people?” “What us does for them”

“How we help those who are less fortunate than us”

 “I am an us, I’m very blessed. We all are”


Sneak Attack

“Pearl Harbor” “Missy Bradford tried to tear our friendships apart, Lucas was new here and she tried to throw a sneak attack” “I think that was the moment we all realized what we really meant to each other and the moment that we all came together.”

Farkle Canada “Our greatest allies are the people right next to us.

Lucas “I think I was the most changed by these people.  I know that whatever I’m feeling I can just tell my friends. Everything will be okay.”

I absolutely loved this scene! It really touched on what I feel represents Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Lucas as individuals and what they value.

“I thought we stopped?” “I thought we were just friends”…”I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now. “We think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship” “Sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason.”

I love the friendship bench. It’s a small area that has so much meaning.

Congrats Graduates!!

Haha love the exchange between each Parent and Child……then Lucas and Zay!

I love that they signed a petition to promote Cory to High School!

And now we come to the final tag of season 2.

All I have to say about this is these kids are just discovering their feelings and they have to take their time to resolve everything and figure out what’s next for them.

That’s A Wrap on Season 2!! Round of Applause to the cast and crew for bringing us something wonderful. The end to a season of great growth and a sort of preamble to a season of feelings.  Again I say Thank You and BRAVO.  Can’t wait for season 3!!!!

 Photo Credit: Disney Channel


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