Texas Part 1

My thoughts on Girl Meets Texas Part 1!! An equally emotional, serious, and funny episode…How Do They Do It?!

Zay ohh Zay! “They made me, they just made, me.”

I love this guy he is so funny!

HOW do Maya and Riley Not know the difference between a Bull and a Sheep. I’m just saying??!!

When you see how other people live it changes you.

Pappy Joe, that’s your Pappy Joe, that’s Pappy Joe. YES MORE STUFF. I love Maya.

Uncle Cletus is HILARIOUS!

Huhh-HRRRRRRR. Maya sure is enjoying herself!

Oh wow Maya’s reaction after seeing the bull. “I don’t want you going anywhere near that bull!!!”

Her transition from funny to serious as a character is amazing!!

Sabrina’s facial expressions during this whole scene just show her emotions so clearly. Her mind is twisting and turning with what she is feeling on the inside.

“In my opinion it’s about facing life. You’ve gotta face your fears. You ride them or they ride you.”

Powerful underlying message there.

Riley’s constant encouragement was true to her character and nice to see. Riley’s expression when she see’s Maya off in the distance, clarity on her face and the way she looks between Maya and Lucas.

Maya ohh Maya and her concern riddled expressions. Ohh my Hart (Heart).

You know what I love about Riley and Maya’s friendship? They understand each other. Riley picked up on Maya’s expression and upon further investigating pulled it out of her friend. Maya’s reaction in this scene was beautiful. Don’t know if Riley is just saying that to allow Maya to feel what she knows she feels or if she really feels this. Either way this was a very heart warming scene to watch.

The final scene was very important for Riley. It’s a hard one for her but she seems to come to a certain realization and poor Lucas is so puzzled about this sudden acknowledgement.

**** Mind Blown***

Every episode that Rider an Shiloh Strong have directed have been absolutely amazing!!!

Girl Meets Texas part 1 was so much more than what I expected. The emotion shown by the characters in this episdoe had me sitting on the edge of my seat. So a big shout out to Michael Jacobs and Matt Nelson for writing this incredible episode. It is so real and genuine and I love it! The acting by Peyton Myer and Sabrina Carpenter in this episode was hands down their best this season so far.

What will happen next??!!!


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