Texas Part 2

Girl Meets Texas Part 2

*Breathe* How can an episode make you laugh and just feel all the feels in one part?!?! What is Girl Meets World doing to me!? I think I ask myself this every week a new episode airs. They just keep getting better and better!

We open part 2 on the front porch of Pappy Joe’s with Lucas questioning the whole brother sister remark from Riley in Part 1.

What does brother and sister mean???

“What does anything mean out of the mouth of a girl” ohh Zay!!

Oh Riley. what are you doing my dear?? Her inmitation of Maya is a lack luster effort that got some laughs but  why did she use past tense when referencing Maya and Lucas’ typical banter.

Ohhhhhh Chubbies!!…Chubbies BBQ that is!

Such a sweet moment between Maya and Farkle. Farkle clearly see’s that something is turning in Maya’s head and is there as her shoulder to lean on. Aw

Of course we have Riley confusing Lucas so much with this whole I want to be able to talk to you brother/sister thing. Poor guy has no clue what’s going on.

This is a funny typical Maya sass moment. Farkle’s trying to pry those thoughts out of her and she’s not having it.  She’s knows she cares about Lucas and Farkle has caught on too but can’t get her to outright admit it. But honestly what 14 year old girl would just admit that?

Maddie and Tae ( I’ve never heard of them until now, a catchy cute song though “No Place Like You. It brought something new to the show and played well with the scene that took place.

I feel for Maya in this scene. She is slowly giving in to her feelings and Riley really gets an idea for how her friend feels. But there is also something in Riley’s body language that reads funny, as well as Lucas who is literally caught in the middle.

The next big scene is the scene that really propelled and seems to be the set up for part 3 based on the promo.

You know what could possibly happen with a campfire and sitting under the stars??

The exchange between Riley and Maya just got serious but in such a good way. Riley is letting Maya know everything is ok, it’s ok to feel because they will ALWAYS be best friends.

But this right here poor Maya wasn’t ready for, and neither was Lucas. The guy’s already confused enough.

” Maya likes you.” “Riley!!” She’s been hiding it all this time. It’s why she couldn’t watch you at the rodeo.” “What are you doing???!” “I saw you Maya. I saw how much you cared. It’s why she makes fun of you I think?”

And then Lucas drops this bomb….oh the look of defeat in Maya is so believable.  “Riley what are we??”

Why Lucas why?! You don’t do that do a vulnerable 14 year old girl!  “I told you what we are?” “What if that’s not what I think we are?” ” well then you better start thinking of us like that.” ( This is hard on all of the kids.)  “Riley…” “Lucas, we will always be there for each other.”  “You stepped back, I know that you stepped back.”

I love the serious vibe this scene had. The emotion portrayed by Rowan, Sabrina, and Peyton  jumped from the screen right into our hearts.  Lucas is thinking about what Riley has said both about her seeing him as a brother and now what Maya likes him all of the sudden….while Maya dabbles with her feelings for him.

I love that we get to see  Maya’s insecurity full force. She escapes what she knows she feels by  making fun of him because she doesn’t want to get hurt. Don’t care, don’t get hurt.

Love the soft music addition to this scene. It sound VERY familiar! (Nice touch by the sound mixers. I guess  my brief time as a media studies major holds true. Plus I love the production side of things.)

Adding this sweet moment when Maya has just tried so hard to keep her feelings inside and escape and just make everything stop and then Lucas goes and almost kisses her. I guess he’s more confused than he thought too.

I loved the realistic rawness of part 2  and can’t wait to see where it all wraps up with in part 3!

 Photo Credit: Disney


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