We all have unlimited potential

We All Have Unlimited Potential

This was a great episode to kick off the new year and so relevant in society today, feminism and education depicted in an understandable way. Teresa Kale wrote a wonderful episode and Rider and Shiloh Strong gave great direction as usual. Shout out to the cast for portraying an important subject so well. Applause all around!! No matter what your interest is, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. This episode is all about growth and finding yourself and not letting anyone limit you from being YOU.

This episode opens with a view into 8th grade chemistry class. It’s just another day in class for the group of 8th graders or so they think. Riley in particular finds this situation to be very wrong.

Riley sees that all the girls were chosen to drop the marble. I loved Maya in this scene! She dropped the marble like a dude and her opponent’s a tall useless goose! “Nothin but beaker!!”

Riley clearly doesn’t like this and refuses to drop her marble. This leads us to the next day in science class, where Farkle tells Riley her only job was to drop the marble.

I loved the blurred effect choice and sped up voice….How come all the girls had to drop the marble? Riley, being who she is, does not like this and calls for the Bay Window.

Topanga gives The Best Advice!!
STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
“Research shows that we (women) tend to play the roles we think we’re supposed to.”–Subjects and things that are the opposite of STEM subjects– ” You cannot think it is more important to be liked than it is to be leaders. Don’t talk yourself out of pursuing something because you’re afraid of how it’s going to make you look” ” What you need to know is, don’t let anybody get in the way of pursuing your growth and your curiosity, no matter what you want to do.”  I love that we also got to hear more of Sarah Carpenter, along with other extras in this episode. “I want to be the best I can, and I want everybody to like me,and I dropped the marble and I want your shoes.”

It’s a stand off!! Boys vs Girls.  loved this classroom scene.
Riley is really upset that Farkle made a judgment about her and the fact that all the boys had the girls drop the marble. Haha Poor Cory really tries when he sees things aren’t going well or when he sees things change between Riley and her friends. Riley thinks Farkle isn’t being a true friend by not letting her reach her potential in science, but that is just the opposite of what he wants. He wants the best for her and Riley is just starting to see that.

This scene between Auggie and Ava was golden!  Auggie is ok with getting a participant trophy after losing his soccer game without really trying.  Ava and Topanga have a very different view of it.  “What kind of country is this! Ugh” Ava is clearly upset that Auggie’s team didn’t try hard enough yet still got the same trophy she did. Overall Auggie doesn’t feel he needs to try and wants to just quit and Ava tells him to try because he’s never going to get any better if he doesn’t. Love Auggie’s scream in the end!

Exploding sludge!!!!

I love how Riley is growing and changing and I loved the exchange between her and Maya in the Bay Window.

Riley: “Maya our guy friends are pretty great, I think it used to easier to see that before we looked at each other as boys and girls. Maybe it was easier when we looked at each other as friends.”

“The stuff we’re learning now, science and math, it matter that we know what they are. We can’t let other people think we’d rather have it easy for us.” Maya: “No I want things to be easy for me. Riley: “No you don’t because then you won’t know anything and won’t have as many choices later on.”
–This is so true, if you don’t try your best at all subjects in school you’ll never know what you are truly capable of in life. That’s why we’re here, to live and learn and discover what we are good at.–
Maya: You think I could be a scientist?
Riley: I think if you were a scientist the world would be a very dangerous place.
Maya: Awesome
Riley: “But if you don’t believe you could become a scientist it’s even more dangerous.”
Riley sure did give Farkle a grateful look as he patted the seat for her to sit down next to him and work together. haha and then Lucas does the same thing with Maya. I love the banter between those two!! “Did y ou just pat for me to sit down?!”

This experiment was an important one as Farkle said. It shows the importance of equality between boys and girls and men and women and what it means to work together. Riley and Farkle’s beaker is clear, while Lucas and Maya’s beaker is full of sludge.

” It’s sludge and it muddies up what we think about each other. All of us have unlimited potential.” “Don’t lose interest”

I did something a little different with this blog and reached out to fellow fans in the fandom to get their opinion on what they thought of the episode. 

Taylor (@ThisIsTaylor15) shared this “I liked it very much. I think it was very well done. I liked that they started with noticing inequality and then tried to fix it. I’ve heard of the STEM thing before, and I liked GMW’s take on it because they put it hand in hand with equality. STEM is very important for everyone in general, but I liked how they directed it toward girls. It is true that girls tend to drift away from STEM subjects at that age, and I feel like it was just very encouraging to women” Taylor also shared with me that her 8 year old sister viewed the episodes overall message of the episode and it says so much. This show really touches people of all ages. “Girls can do everything boys can do!”

Lisa (@90sGMWFanatic) watched with her sister and they both agreed that it was a great episode. It’s sad how often it’s assumed that women aren’t interested in learning STEM subjects. I loved that in the end that was the point of the midterm.

 photo credit: enstarz.com


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