What is your horizon line?

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

The ultimate flashback episode!!! Shout out to Joshua Jacobs for writing an excellent episode and Ben Savage for taking up the directors chair for this great one.

This episode was nostalgic and amazing and had another great message as always.

“They’re Cory and Topanga and I’m just their little shadow living in the reflection of the sun.”

“What is your Horizon line…What is the one thing in life you consider impossible. When you think you can’t do something your world is as flat as a piece of paper. You hold your world is your hands and nothing is impossible if you take a shot.”

Riley Matthews has fallen of the face of the earth, she running away from being her incredible “perfect” parents.

I loved seeing the friendship of Lucas and Farkle change and grow.

Loved the Circus scene ……”Yes clown, yes!!”   “I try, I try, and I try…”

Loved that Auggie stole the spaghetti and was hiding in her bed! Such a brotherly thing to do…(I imagine)

I absolutely loved how they transitioned into the flashback for this episode. Stepping beack to 1993 to Cory’s Alternative Friends!

“They’re ensy. Hey Matthews how you doin!!” Gosh I love Maya!

“The fun of the game is actually running the bases.”  Loved the high five! I don’t get the moment but I’m very disappointed

Well what happens when you get home and realize you’re not as good as the rest of the team?  You keep playing.  It’s a team sport Riley, you just run the bases the rest of your team will help you get home.

So much to take apart in just that moment…I love this show

I loved the girls in the background of this flash back!

“I don’t think I’m weird Maya, I think I’m unique. He’s Cory, she’s Topanga but I’m both.”  “I’m not going to fall off the face of the earth. There is no end to my horizon. My parents are Cory and Topanga and they gave me the best parts of both of them.”


“Thanks dad, it’s going to help me run the bases.”

Take what makes you unique and make a great story out of your life. We are all a part of a pair and that pair wants to see the best we can be. Our lives,what we do, and who we associate with are the bases and home is finding out who we are meant to be. You can get home without family and friends. The people in your life that make you, YOU.


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