What US does for THEM

What us can do for them.

Another episode that stands out with a powerful message or should I say messages! Wonderfully done by writers Jeff Menell and Aaron Jacobs. Rider Strong and Shiloh Strong do a great job directing as they always do. The whole cast did an incredible in this episode, but have to give a shout out to Corey Fogelmanis and Sabrina Carpenter, as well as Lee Norris (Stuart Minkus) and of course Mark Cuban!

This episode opens up with the class entering to find 1 dollar on each of their desks. Cory is teaching a lesson on Money. As Cory enters the classroom he asks the obvious question. I love the tangible lessons this show brings up.

“The value given to money is a lot less important than how it’s used. That’s what matters. That’s what shapes who you are”.

We find out a little more about Farkle and his home background which I loved. More depth and a stronger dynamic created between this great ensemble of characters. We find out Minkus is risking a lot of his company on a new form of technology. Before the conversation can continue much longer the class interrupted by Stuart Minkus, who announces that the Minkus family doesn’t have more than his friends anymore. As Stuart says “Son, I lost all of our shiny things.”

Later that afternoon aafter school it seems like Riley, Maya, and Lucas have all tried to collect money to give to Farkle to help him out. They collect $82 dollars. Once Farkle arrives and they offer him the money, he immediately refuses it and instead asks Maya to give him lessons on being poor. Maya is all for it! “Done! $82 dollars a lesson” The way Farkle see’s it is wonderful “You have less than we do Maya, but you have a really good life. You don’t just survive in this world you thrive, that’s what I’ve always loved about you.” I love the friendship displayed on this show.

Maya goes onto give Farkle his lessons throughout the episode. I love that we get to see Shawn be a role model for Maya. We see the impact he is having on her life!

Next we are introduced to Farkle’s room, which is huge and comes with a train!! I love that Farkle has a planetarium on his ceiling, that would be so cool!! “Don’t worry Riley, Pluto will always be a planet in my room.” Aww how sweet. Maya channeled her inner Holly Golightly complete with the cat! Loved it!!

The storyline with Auggie was a great one. He knows that Topanga makes more than Cory and is looking a receive his allowance but doesn’t feel right asking Cory for it. “Do you have any idea when the mother of the house will be getting home?” “ I just know that mommy makes more and I don’t want to put a dent in you.” hilarious

Maya is back with her lessons dressed up and all.  Her second lesson is by being poor you don’t have to opportunity to travel. The way she puts it “Being poor lesson number 2. We will never stroll down the Champs-Élysées.”The whole sequence within this scene is funny. “Die Zombies Die!!” haha Riley really got into that video game!

Maya’s third lesson and fourth lessons are pretty amazing too.

We find out the Farkle is embarrassed by all the stuff his family owns because of how much money they have. Having this much depth and insight into a characters life is something we don’t get to see often.

Yay! We get to see Maya’s room again! I love her room. Actually I love looking at the background details of all the sets, especially rooms, because they give a deeper look into the characters. Farkle, Maya, Lucas, and Riley are all just hanging out in Maya’s room. While Farkle is looking outside at Maya’s surrounding neighborhood he says hi to people passing by. I think it’s sweet that these friends can appreciate what each other has.

Maya’s final lesson for Farkle is

 Back in history class we are given a new lesson. On the board Cory has drawn a pie chart to explain his lesson.

“This is the world” “These are the people in the world who have pie, and this is everyone else in the world who lives on less than $2 dollars a day.” “These are the people of the world who have access to immediate medical care, and do not live in abject poverty.” “This is us.” “These are the people who get to wake up in their warm beds, and eat waffels in the morning.” Cory tells the class that he’s tried to teach them that the secret of life is people change people, but now they were going to get more specific. He asks the class what that secret is. Maya answers “What us does for them.” which Cory adds. “Kindness, charity, that’s what changes people. That’s the secret of life.”

This scene sure did have my eyes watering, I’m not going to lie. I love that Maya realizes that though she has little and her life may seem hard, she is blessed to live the way she does. She is an us. “What good would you guys do if you had money?” “who would you help?” Farkle walks out of school because he’s humiliated. He calls his dad says ” The world is full of people dad, and none of them may be as successful as you, but they go home, they go home everyday.” and asks ” what good is what we have, if what we have keeps us apart?” A wonderful scene between Farkle and Stuart

The lesson Topanga teaches Auggie about inequality and the value of the money great to see. She explains that the world makes mistakes sometimes.  She explained the difference in her and Cory’s jobs perfectly. Cory tells Auggie that Topanga deserves the salary she makes and then she he explains that Cory’s job as a teacher is just as big of a contribution, if not a bigger one.  “It’s what you do, not what you’re paid. That’s your value.”

I love that Minkus creates the Minkus Family Foundation because his son taught him something valuable and important. Finally we meet up with Mark Cuban to give some money away. Each of the kids give their pitch on what they’d do to help the less fortunate. Riley calls for a change and end to Malaria she suggests the change of Halloween to Malaria Day, Lucas calls for World Peace, but Farkle takes the cake for this one! He invests in Maya Hart. “She’s a person I believe in. She never had very much of anything. Maybe that’s why she looks at everything the right way.” “I’d give Maya Hart a lot of money and trust her to do whatever she wants with it, because one day she will be a force to reckon with.”

Maya say that her friends taught her how to dream, but that she knows better sometimes.

She says “ I know that my roof leaks and I know there’s a hole in my wall.” Mark Cuban asks her what she plans to do about that and she says she’s going to get an education from Mr. Matthews, earn her own money and get a good place without a leaky roof and if she could afford it she will fix someone else’s roof. He then tells her that her roof leaks for a reason and that she has her friends for a reason and that she should use them. Minkus then says he’s going to give her some money, but tells her she can’t keep all of it. She promises to do good with it.

The tag for this episode was funny and sweet. Farkle created a replica of Maya’s room in his room. They even fixed Maya’s roof and put a camera and speaker so that Farkle could see “her people” and be able to say hi to them. Aww Farkle gave Mrs. Abruzzo a new coat. 🙂

What can we do those less fortunate?? For me this episode really made me think of the bags of clothes I have waiting to be taken to a local Good Will  and the annual fundraising I do for the March of Dimes.

all photos courtesy of Tumblr and Disney.


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