What’s Valuable…

Girl Meets Jexica

This episode had me in hysterics!! There were so many hilarious multi liners that had my sides hurting. Shouts to newest GMW writer Mackenzie Yeager for a side splitting script. The whole cast was spot on but Rowan shined in this episode with her comedic timing.

Haha Maya is embracing her full name and Riley thinks no one will like her, typical Riley. Riley gets one husband and of course she gives Maya five.

“Why do you care what people think?” “That’s all I do.” “Honey just write down something you like and stop being so dramatic.” “Okay I am the least dramatic person that ever roamed the face of the earth”

The guys’ answers were the best!!!!!

Favorite movie-Lucas “Oh Butch Cassidy” “Empire Strikes Back,” “The Notebook” “love never dies man.” Okay favorite song. oh “Desperado” “Anything by Celine Deon” “The sound of my computer turning on”

Hello to alter ego it’s like Jessica but x-ier”

I didn’t like not having the same schedule as my friends either, so I totally get Maya and Riley.

“I turned to talk to you in class to tell you about this little dry patch and I realized I was talking to Yogi.” “Hey you try that eucalyptus girl?”

The way the comments were read was great.

“You have a friend from Nairobi?” “Well we’re in the early stages of our relationship and he wants to give me money, so I say we’re besties!”

“Honey they don’t even have a real identity, they’re just trying to gain your trust.” ” I do trust prince Baji he does so have an identity.””he sent me a picture” “That’s Morgan Freeman” “it’s always Morgan Freeman?” “How can you not trust that face.”

1,2,3 Trick Me’s are the best!  Ahh yes Boy Meets World flashback!!

The Sneezing Panda, and Charlie bit my finger!!!! YES

Social networks can be a trap. What’s the real value? It is so true that we get caught up in the likes and comments and favorites. We shouldn’t post things to gain attention or make up an anonymous accounts. We just have to be true to who we are as individuals.

“And that bothers some people but not me because I’m too busy answering every odors private requests for advice.” of course Maya would attack Riley.  “Hi Jexica, my name is Lucas Friar…”

Clever move. Of course he knows. And of course Maya knows that he knows. But Riley is Riley and she would step it up to the next level and do something out there.

Oh hey there Jexica!

“It’s me Maya” “I know who it is nimrod! Why does everything have to get so out of hand?” “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Cory and Topanga disagreeing is the funniest thing ever. Don’t think Cory can ever win with Topanga. I’d love to see the day.

And…..everyone is Jexica! “I am Jexica!” “Yogi?” “Jexica”

“We’ll be right back after this with our lesson.”

They even added the transition to commercial into the episode. Brilliant. 

Matthews was right. Things changed and the piano playing rabbit took over.

“What’s valuable?” “Who you are isn’t measured by today or tomorrow, but by a whole bunch of days of what you do.” “The great thing about evolving is that we continue to grow and feel.” “Don’t be influenced by somebody else’s likes, or clicks, or favorites.”

“Who should determine what you think?” “Wikipedia” Gosh I love Maya.

The Bay Window is always a good place to go

“Lucas told me that you are Jexica.” Oh Zay “Guys I want us to last forever.” “Welll, how do we do that?” “By finding out that friends who know who you are, is the most real thing there is”

Great now I have a new cute video of a puppy to watch. Who’s Your Best Friend….Pizza

I’m pretty sure my sides hurt from laughing so hard in this episode. I love an episode that is funny yet has a great message that needs to be heard in our society today. Thank you for writing such relevant lessons. It’s so easy to get lost in the digital world now. 

 photo credit: Disney


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