You are your permanent record

I know I give shout outs every time, but the writing, acting, and directing are just that good. So shouts to Teresa Kale and Rider and Shiloh Strong for a great script and direction. A wonderful job all around to the cast as always. Rowan did excellent in this episode.

Ohhh Spanish class. It’s so great to see the different classes the kids go to other than History class.

Hola Roberta! “Today I Ama wearing sandals.

So Maya is good at English (class), Art and Spanish. hmm Maya is smart when she wants to be.

“An A is an A wherever you go.” “Yay!!”  “Spanish” “Gooooaaall!”

Oh no a D!! *gasp* Ay-ay-ay

“Riley. It’s only one grade.” “Yeah you know how many D’s I got in middle school. One time I got 5 D’s in one day.” “You’re cinco de Maya” “Haha oh I don’t get it”

“I must’ve been at this table a thousand times and a thousand times you ask “how was school” but you haven’t done it yet today. Why is that? Why?” “How was school?!” “Welcome to the first ever in her life, Maya refrigerator ceremony!” “Maya!” “How you do that Maya?!” “I did it myself with my own widdle head.” “No cheating” “All brainy” “Yaaaaayyyyyyyyyy” “Maya that’s an A! Let me smell that.” “That’s real baby.”

Maya sure is proud of herself. Look she even made it on the Matthews fridge.(I can’t get over how they treat Maya as a part of their family. I love their relationship. 🙂 )

Oh boy Cory trying to fix this situation.

“Riley you’ve always been a good student. You go to school, I’ll talk to your teacher.”

“Cory do you think you’re the best person for this?”


Well that didn’t go very well, but glad he’s learning from it too.

The next 3 years only get harder and what comes after that is ridiculous.” “Right so why not build their self-confidence?” “Because if we’re good teachers we can get them to do that themselves.” “Yeah, I have the tremendous disadvantage of loving her.” “I love them all.” (I’m living the ridiculous life right now and let me tell you it isn’t easy at all! Post grad life is a journey with MANY ups and downs.)

 Zay and Maya’s handshake. Winners vs Losers.

Smackle “Don’t hit on me in front of Lucas!” “Smackle!” “Don’t hit on me in front of Farkle!” “Smackle!” “You, me, Lucas, and Zay. We’re better than a triangle. We’re a quadrilateral.” “What’s that?” “It means a square. Over here we say square.”

CHEWBACCA nice Boy Meets World reference!!

Topanga is the best mom ever! Looking out for her daughter and husband. Aww

“She wants to talk to me” ” I’m going to get killed.” “Riley, we’ve always taught you that life would present its challenges. That’s what life is. You got a D on your Spanish exam, what are you going to do about it.”  “Before I leave to be your teacher. go get em'”  Auggie was great in this scene. “This is all for her benefit isn’t it?”

Loved this heart to heart between Riley and Farkle.  “You’ve always been Riley.” “That’s your permanent record.”

Back in Spanish class Riley put forth her best effort.

“Thank you for pushing me to raise my avocado.” “The potato am a good sailboat.” “That’s my girl Roberta!” “The potato am a good sailboat.” “Sit down!”

“You know what I’ve known all along. Even though I just learned it right now.” “Good teachers look down the road to someones possibilities.” (This reminds me of something my 1st grade teacher always said to us. “Use what you know and you’re good to go.” She passed away when I was in 2nd grade but this has stuck with me for 19 years. Though we are always learning something new, when we use what we know good things will likely happen)

Cory is still crazy and has his way of trying to help is  great. Topanga is still a strong personality who values her kids and their accomplishments. They are the best parents and look out for their kids  and Maya and I absolutely LOVE that.

Photo Credit: Disney


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