A little bit of hope and a lot of good. 

Matthew Nelson thank you for writing a wonderful episode that pushes this show to another level and Danielle did a great job directing as usual, I can’t wait to see what else she’s directing this season. Huge shout to Reginald VelJohnson!!!(Carl Winslow)
The episode opens with Riley in the Bay Window. Riley is singing a silly song whilst brushing her hair.as only she would do, and Maya enters announcing she is planning on doing something bad because she’s Maya and being the rebel she’s known to be something bad has to be done.

At school Cory is beginning to teach a lesson on Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii a beautiful city ruined by a volcano. How the longer it sits the worse it’s explosion will be.

Meanwhile at the Matthews Topanga is trying to take care of a little incident with Doy and Auggie. Stealing candy to a 7 year old is a serious crime folks. Doy’s conscious has gotten the best of him and according to Auggie “you’re stuck your whole life.”

At Topanga’s Maya is still trying to figure out who she is, while Riley, Farkle, and Lucas are goofing around. Until she finds herself completely, she doesn’t feel like she fits with her group of friends. The next moments in this scene are just the beginning of Maya splodding.

Katy (who is wearing her engagement ring!!) comes over to the kids asking them who took the $100 dollars that was missing from the cash register, obviously forgetting she put the money under the cash drawer and forgot about it. Haha I guess staying school makes them less forgetful?? Riley immediately assumes; in a quirky, silly,overly enthusiastic riley way, Maya did take the money and that doesn’t sit well with Maya at all.

“You think you know what I’m capable of?” “You have no idea what I’m capable of.” “You guys want the Maya back, the Maya I really am? you got her.” Things are about to get serious.

It’s Officer James, a local police officer looking out for his community, aka Carl Winslow!! (The 90s are back haha I loved Family Matters as a little kid)  he’s really “drilling” Doy.

Back in history class, with a missing Maya, the lesson on Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius continues. Cory has written “Why live next to a volcano then huh?” Out of ashes comes beauty. What I really liked about this was Maya’s friends know whatever Maya is doing skipping school isn’t her and she is better than that. “Deep down Maya is beautiful.” I love this lesson.  “Places, like people offer wonderful peaks and valleys.” With these peaks and valleys comes the occasional explosion which is only natural.

Now night time we see Maya in a rundown park unloading a hammer, a brick, and some paint from her backpack. Soon she is confronted some old yet familiar faces, who are bad just as she is supposed to be because she’s Maya Hart. Though when the girls take a jab at Riley and call Maya soft, weak and shove her around, things quickly change. Maya’s got the brick and the hammer and goes into defensive mode because she knows who she is.

Love Cory’s advice to Riley. “The job of being somebodys best friend is to make sure that even when you’re not with them, you’re still there.”

We learn that she gets taken by the police for vandalism! She blames Riley for changing her. Officer James decides to show everyone the “damage” Maya’s has done to the park, where they find a beautiful mural of HOPE 

Officer James let’s Maya off with warning. Telling her that he’s going to write her up and put her incident in a folder and than misplace that file. He see’s the good in her and tells her he has hope for his park as well.

All that good in Maya’s life has given her hope and acknowledgement that she, like the statue she used to view as small child and question the friendship of her future, has a great group of friends only bring out the best in her.

The friends we choose can have the most profound influence on our lives.”

Photo credit: Disney Channel


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