Ski Lodge: Human Nature at its finest


A great start to the end of the non-existent triangle! Teresa Kale wrote another hilarious episode and as always Rider and Shiloh do an excellent job directing. So happy to see Uriah Shelton back as Josh Matthews!!

A lesson in Nature as Mr. Matthews leads the nature club on a little field trip to
Mount Sun Lodge “The leaves seem to scream out” “Hey,look at me!””You think I’m pretty,but I’m actually dead!”

NATURE  Cory’s already freaking out and they haven’t even left yet.

The other kind of nature is the human kind. Apparently Maya has everything in check when it comes to her human nature. So she thinks.  “My human nature is completely under control and there’s nothing or nobody who can ever change that.”

Enter Josh Matthews aka Uncle Boing. “Hey kiddies!”

“I’m wrong” Maya’s reaction to Josh is still the same. She is more in control but still a giddy mess. Ha she is so thrilled that Topanga invited him.

Haha great chaperone selections Cory. This should should make for an interesting trip!

When we get to Mount Sun Lodge  history looks to be repeating itself. Like daughter like father. Riley can’t seem to get off the bus either. She really is Cory with Topanga’s hair.

“Lauren did not age well, I’m just sayin.” Hahaha

Hahaha Smackle. “When’s the first nature hike dreamboat?” Smackle do you even know who this is?” “He’s Maya’s Boing” “Then why would call him dreamboat?” “Look at him!”

Really Cory? Couples Weekend? Great Job!

This group of friends are great together. They are all different but that makes then hilarious together.

The Triangle Must Die! “Seasons change. It’s nature. Nature knows the triangle needs to die.”

“Okay triangle over. Our mothers told us that you made a choice.” “Yeah I did but this shouldn’t be my choice, it should be a decision that we all make.” Ha guess Maya is clearly over it. “I got no pride, let’s flip a coin and get a pizza.”

movie night!! movie night!! coward!! Hahaha

Stepping into fantasy world. In Maya’s fantasy of danger and adventure.  “They call him Bond, Huckleberry Bond.”

We enter the world of The Purple Cat Club. Purple territory is not a place to be.  Meow

We have The Bomb, Huckleberry Bond, Crybaby, Uncle Boing, and of course The Purple Cat.

“We’re the power couple of the year and there’s nothing that could ever tear us apart.” “Who dat?” “The names Boing, Uncle Boing.” Haha love Maya’s little whimper.

Haha the class is waiting for some more entertainment. They’ve been waiting for 2 years!

Riley introduces herself to Lucas and he tells her he wants to be a veterinarian.

Meanwhile Maya reveals a bomb set to explode and then proceeds to argues with Lucas and eventually the bomb explodes in a Riley  way.

Next we enter into Riley’s Fantasy.  A world of romance where nothing “bad”happens. Love the added romantic music in Riley’s Fantasy scene.

“Jumpin Johosaphat” haha

Auggie as cupid so everyone can be in love because in Riley’s world everything is perfect.

The interchange between reality and fantasy with these fantasies is great.

Uh oh Maya’s (Dr. Hart) here to interrupt her fantasy  with Josh (Dr. Boing). So of course something funny and horrible has to happen.

The results of this interruption are a diagnosis of GSD ( Gooey Sap Disease)  Josh seems to be stuck on the 3 year thing in fantasy too. 

And of course Riley caused the death of everyone else, so naturally she’s next.

“And now the Riley death scene!” “I wanna be in it! “Oh”

“Where are you going I’m dying!” “Riley please don’t leave me, there isn’t anybody else in this world.” “cause we’re the perfect couple?” “no because there isn’t anybody else in this world.” “except for her, but she’s with him.” “hey no she’s not with me I’m older than her.”  Haha this whole scene is hilarious. The end of the world is inevitable.

No fighting with this triangle because they still have a lot to think about.

“Maybe my dad was right. Maybe we can’t decide this. Maybe only nature can, because nature’s what’s stronger than us.”

“So our lives are going to depend on whatever nature decides it’s going to do with us?”  “Or what we do with our human nature.” “Aren’t we smart enough to know what to do?”

“Who is in control of your life?”  Haha Cory tried to sneak that lesson in there only to be shut down by Topanga. Love these two, Cory can never win with her.

**gasp*** Stars, ambient light because of the whole living in the city. Clever

Well you know what they say about nature and relationships, you’ve just got to let nature take its course.



Aaron Jacobs has written a beautiful episode. Rider and Shiloh did another wonderful job directing, and the cast held very strong performances and their growth and chemistry shines.

We start off with Riley and Evan continuing their talk into the morning. Naturally Riley flips out because she can’t talk to another guy. As a result we get a jealous Lucas and Maya who comes to the rescue.

While sitting in front of the fireplace. Maya approaches Lucas trying to understand why it bothers him that Riley talked to another guy all night. “Look I know you loose your mind over me in front of the firelight, but is it cool if I sit down?” Hahaha

Next there is the great moment between an Uncle and his Niece. Can we please have more of this please?! Riley goes to Josh asking about when it is that we understand our feelings?  Josh even points out that it’s easy to notice that Maya hasn’t been herself lately. Riley asks why she did this and Josh gives a wonderful explanation.

“Everything you do is to protect each other.” “When she gave up who she was, you went looking for her, you brought her back, you protected her.” “Yeah, but why did she get lost in the first place?”

After a conversation between Riley and Maya, we learn that Maya has been trying to protect Riley and to make sure of what she was feeling. Maya wanted to make sure Lucas is the right guy for her because as they are growing up and letting boys into their lives and they don’t know what will happen next.

Haha Josh messing with Lucas. 

And now this brings us to The official guide of who belongs with who. 

LOL Cory “No!” “That book is evil!” “The first question is, If you could change your mate into one animal what would it be. And the only answer is the falcon.” “Because I am the falcon!”

Let the game begin!

1. The most important part of any meaningful relationship is?It’s not romance, It’s not adventure, It’s ConversationWithout conversation what else is there really?

2. How do you know if you love someone? And with that Maya is done with this game. Let’s get down to the conversation.

Evan is just trying to help people reach places they never thought they could reach before. Evan is pushing because of Riley.

Maya and Josh’s conversation is wonderful. So much meaning and clarity!!  “What I have observed about you, is that you are the best friend anyone could have.” “Maybe it’s cause your dad left, maybe it’s because you never felt that love.” “But it gave you the greatest capacity for love that I have ever seen.”Awwww how could your heart not melt with that compliment? I know mine did.  

“When You’re Riley its hard not to like him” “that was the first thing I found out.” 

Oh now it’s totally clear Thank You Uncle Josh
In the beginning of the conversation Josh says that what he is going to say to Maya might be bad for him. Now Maya asks him why their conversation was a bad thing? In which Josh replies “That it isn’t Lucas who you like?” “That you remember who you are now?”

“That conversation is the most important part of any relationship.” “That you and I just had another amazing one.”

Maya is very observant and always has been. She knows just as much about Josh as Josh knows about her. How else would she have observed what she did about Josh in that dorm room (prior to that really)  in Girl Meets Tell Tale Tot hmmmm?

“Maya can you name one thing you know about him that you love.”  “He’s part of your family Riley, I love your family.”  “What about Josh in particular?” “Yeah Maya you don’t even really know me.”  “Yeah” ” You’re right” I don’t pay attention to anything you do” “I don’t know that you would drive from Philadelphia to New York, not even looking if you got into NYU just so you could open your acceptance letter in front of your older brother because you love him and want him to be proud of you.” “And I see the way you are with Auggie. A little kid who looks up to you who you always make time for.”  “And I know you’d rather stay here with these girls, but your going to walk Riley and me home, because that’s just the kind of guy you are.” “I like you.”    It may have been one-way, but it sure got Josh to stop and think. I mean even his friends could see what was there “Dude what was wrong with you?!” 

Meanwhile during this conversation Josh has not let go of Maya’s hand. We all know the way Maya sees it  “What’s 3 years in the history of love?”  cavemen… footprints…..hold hands. πŸ˜‰ Josh may not know everything, but what he does know is pretty insightful. 

Love that Maya is back to her ways of pushing Lucas. Haha “I don’t want a nice guy? Yikes” -Josh is a pretty nice guy

After seeing the conversation between Maya and Lucas, Josh decides to share a little more. He realizes he can’t let Maya get away.  “For me to ever think that I don’t need a friend like you in the world just because I’m a little older, that’d make me a lot less mature than I want to be.”  

While Maya’s deal is funny, holding hands for 6 weeks, I have to say I like Josh’s deal a lot better. 

“You once said you were playing the long game.” “I like you Josh, it’s you I like.” after a slight pause “I like you, too” Awww finally “And I’d never want you not to be in my life.”  If that isn’t sweet, I don’t know what is.:)  

“Now, how about we try this?” “Boyfriend and girlfriend right now!” “No” ” Boyfriend and girlfriend eventually?” “…..” Aww he’s so flustered  “You’re not saying no.” “You have to say something.”

“I’ll play the long game”  “Live your life,  I’ll live my life. I know you’re out there and…I’m out there too” This  reminds me of an certain older brother and sister- in-law from when they were kids. (BMW season 3- Thrilla in Phila) 

Lucas and Riley’s conversation is just adorable.  “Well I was think if we were together a little more, that you would only talk to other people a little bit and you would talk to me… a lot.” “That’s what you were thinking?” “Yeah I think about it all the time.” Riley’s response to this was so quirky and cute. “And maybe if you went to get a sandwich or something you’d think to get me one too?” “And a drink. And cake!” 

Hahaha Riley calling out for backup.

After asking what the purple jellybean means Lucas explains and than makes his decision.

“It means you Riley.” ” I choose you, and I really want you to choose me.” ” I do” ” I always did”

She gave him the leaf. πŸ™‚ 

“We have this one little life, and for a lot of it we just blow around in the wind. But if we’re lucky and we believe that life know’s what’s best for us, sometimes we land on the right someone to talk to.”

Aww Topanga saw Riley and Lucas/ Josh and Maya’s conversations. At least that’s what I assume. 

“You can come here anytime you want.” “Hey Mr. Matthews, my mother says hello.” ” I am never coming here again.” LOL


Friendship with these two will always come first. πŸ™‚ 


Photo credit: Disney Channel


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