What in life do we control?

Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me
This episode had me laughing until I cried!! Hilarious. Shouts to Jeff Menell for  writing an incredibly funny episode with a good, valuable message. Great job to the entire cast and crew as always. 

Riley is out to make new friends!! Maya on the other hand could care less.

“I would have to learn names!? I’m still learning Zay! It’s Zay right?” Classic Maya. Riley ventures to a new student to introduce herself, very Riley fashion,But uh oh She dont like Riley. 

Haha nice lice joke!! I’ve never had lice but I wouldn’t wish to have it. “My hair is way too long to make new friends.” 

Riley of course freaks out because she can’t control this. But everyone’s supposed to like Riley…let’s see how this plays out. “You can’t have everyone like you.” “Why not” “because you can’t control the world, and you can’t control other people in the world.” “The only thing you can control is your own reaction to what goes on” 
Haha “lay your head down you little nut job.”

Ohhh health class. This should be very interesting. “Alright let’s talk about your bodies.” Page 73!!! Oh my goodness Auggie’s reaction to “and that’s what they taught in health class about our bodies.” is perfection!! 

“Would you please tell Riley that there’s nobody in this life that can control everything.” Enter the control freak herself aka Topanga Matthews the worst possible solution to this scenario. “Well I did used to be a little bit of a control freak.” Hahaha “used to be” 

 And now since Riley can’t control her own life, she’s going to control Auggie’s. “You can’t worry about what people think because you can’t control what people think.” “The truth is when you try to control life, life does its best to teach you not to.”

Hahaha Topanga has gone full control freak!! Hahaha Maya “I can do what I want! I’m the boss of this world!”

“What could be worse than learning about my body from the boys gym teacher?”….learning from your father. Smackle Time…I’m pretty sure Page 73 is the best part of this episode! Comedy on point! Haha the reactions around the room make it even funnier. Love Maya’s reaction. Grab that pencil and take notes!!  

Well Riley’s homework help wasn’t that much help and Topanga comes back with a good lesson. “As much as I try, it’s impossible to control what goes on all the time. Sometimes it’s ok to be a leaf in the wind and see where we land.” “Even when we don’t like what’s happening to us?” “Especially then because that’s when I found out life was trying to teach me something. —-seriously though when we don’t control the things in life it renders some of the best results even though we might not see it in our moments of wanting that control—-“It teaches you who you are. Because as much as we think we show everybody who we are when we’re completely in charge of what happens, we find out who we really are when we’re not.” 
The Riley committee tried so hard. “A billion thrillion specks.”  Nice Auggie to have a good attitude towards life. Ahhh 10 and 11 the good years by Cory Matthews (the carefree years of life! I’m tellin ya.)  

Uh oh Auggie didn’t put Maya in his paper. “I’m never going to see 10 and 11!” “No you won’t!” 

Back in health class…a class in which Cory is NOT cut out to teach. Let’s just leave it to Mr. Fenuccci, Matthews. Let’s really learn what makes us healthy. “Whenever it seems like everything else is out of control, you need to be able to rely on your own minds and your own bodies to be whoever you are.” “Cause knowing who you are, that’s the best control you could possibly have.” ” So make good decisions about yourselves.” 

Hmm balloons, what could Riley be doing? “I know sometimes I can be a handful.”

 “No…..” “Yes, yes you are.” Haha Smackle without a filter again. Awww a letting go ceremony. “Letting go of the things we think we control but really don’t.—that’s such a good idea!—

Aww Riley found someone she likes and wants to be friends with and even though the other may not feel the same way she shows kindness and keeps the option open. 

This is the Best. Tag. Ever!!! She went through with sending  Leonard the Income Tax Attorney after the poor girl’s family!” “What did you do?” “Nothin…” 

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Heritage…Where do you come from?


Girl Meets The Great Lady of New York sparks up such a great motive for anyone in the family. Dig deep and see how far back you can go.  Find out who you are and where you family comes from.  Huge props to everyone in this episode. Thank You to Jeff Menell for sharing such a beautiful, meaningful, and powerful message.

This episode opens with Cory teaching the class about the Statue of Liberty because it’s Cultural Week at Abigail Adams High School. The school is finding out who they are and where they came from. Ha so the other students in the class have backstory as well. I love the depth of every character of this show.

When we open our eyes to the world we see that culture is all around us.

“What has your father done now that I need to pay for?” “We need to report on our cultural heritage.” “Ohh good idea. wish we had one.” “We’re not anything?” ” We are multi- generational American.”

I love when the stories between Riley and Auggie intersect. Raffi is from Cuba and Auggie just wants to make him feel welcome, but it’s Ava who goes way over the top. Oh my goodness what a character.

Back in class we learn that Maya has Irish roots within her mother’s side of the family, but her way of going about “researching is all wrong”   HAHA Lucas and Zay a tad bit over the top don’t you think?  Then to just add to the disaster Maya brings out bagpipes. All Cory wants is for  the kids to really discover something new and really dig deep to find out where they came from. “You all have great stories. That’s what makes this world such a peaceful place.” “Unfortunately people have always feared the other. The unknown. Anybody who isn’t like you. From a different country, a different religion, a different look. Our first reaction to the unknown has always been fear.”  “We all need to dig deeper…This is a week about discovering who you are. This is a week to understand that culture isn’t found in a souvenir shop.” 

When we learn a little more about each other we appreciate and value who we all are as individuals a little more.

So at Topanga’s we learn that Farkle has relatives from Denmark, but also that he can’t find his great grandfathers birth records, so he keeps looking. “Good luck detective Coffee Cake” I love Maya’s one liners. We also learn that Zay is from Africa, brought from Ghana to Jamaica. (This is as subtle as Disney can get to mentioning slavery. This is something that was real and is a difficult part of history.) (Being a person of color tracing your heritage back is difficult. I’m lucky enough to have gone back as far as I’ve been able to. Like Zay said not everyone knows where they are from.)

Haha Cory went to the International House of Salads and Riley to the International House of Pancakes for a Hamburger. I love that this episode explores the many cultures represented in our everyday lives. “The Statue of Liberty is from France, we have a Ukrainian bakery, and the Mets are from all over the world?”  “Nice country you’ve got here.”  

The story Nigel’s grandmother tells of her living in Cambodia was very powerful and even I learned something I didn’t know before.  Not all history is a “happy tale” of immigration. “You live in a good country,you know that.”

While we’ve learned of the kids learn that not all history is good, Maya learns of her Irish history and the beauty that can be found in it.  Riley learns that her family, though from America, her family experienced many different cultures in their lives much like she is today. “This Country is one bug cultural fair”

Finally we learn that Farkle’s Great Grandfather left Denmark after World War II. “Just him?” “I think he was the only one left” (And this is Disney’s way of mentioning the Holocaust without mentioning it) “His great grandfather was Jewish” “Sometimes it’s real hard when you find out your story. My whole family….” “Yeah I’m here if you ever want to talk.” “Me too” An absolutely beautiful moment between Farkle and Zay whose families were forced to leave their countries through the Slave Trade and the Holocaust.

“My story will be about how lucky we are to live in a place that allows you to come here so you can be whoever you are”

Loved Ava and Marisol haha funny tag to a touching episode.


A little bit of my family history….

I know more about my mother’s family history than my fathers. My maternal great grand parents and great great grandparents were Choctaw Indian. My relatives can be found on the original Dawes roll call for the Five Civilized Tribes. I’m proud of that heritage within my family. 

On my father’s side I really don’t know too much besides names of great great great grandparents on my dad’s side. I did just recently find out a Great Uncle of mine fought in World War II on D-Day on the beaches of Normandy and participated in the Berlin Airlift, which is incredible! 


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