What if people didn’t change people?? 

Shouts to Joshua Jacobs for a hilarious episode that drives a continuous, yet important message. The whole cast did a wonderful job! The comedy was on point and the visual effects were pretty cool too. 

Girl Meets World of Terror 3 opens with Cory addressing the class with a friendly Happy Halloween greeting. They think because they are older they are too old and  have to do Halloween. 

There are no small decisions in life. Every decision that you make affects who you are. Every action you take or don’t take has consequences and it affects the people around you. 
Love Farkles explaination of chaos theory.

Auggie the g”host” is back! 

What made us who we are? What if it never happened? (I’m sure many of us ask that question in life? I know I do.)

Little Maya and Riley are back to show us what would have happened if Maya never came through the Bay Window…..Everyone has changed…nothing is the same. 

Haha “no hats in class Mr. Friar” “I am my hat teacher man” —aka a cowboy

“Hey friar, you as tough as everyone thinks you are?” 

“Hey Hart, are you?”

Ohhhhhh….nope she isn’t. 

Haha sarcastic punk Maya is pretty edgy. and overly optimistic and happy Riley is hilarious. 
“Don’t you think our being together in a class like history would be a wonderful opportunity for you to teach me and all of my friends about life?” “All of my friends.” Hahahah

“No. names and dates. Names and dates are the secret of life.”

——–At Topanga’s———

Maya has come to collect her homework. Riley does a slightly better job because she sees Maya’s potential and wants her to do better. 

“I’m a strange duck. Quack!” “You do have potential Maya, What you don’t have is a good influence. QUACK” 

Haha Riley and Lucas in this scene! (throwbacks and comedy)

In the Halloween World…The world will never be the same. 😉 

Hahahaha Ava and Doy (Dewey) together and dressed as butterflies! 

Riley is just a little goofy right!! “I’m going to need a Rabies shot!” Just one kid is enough for Topanga with a child like Riley. 

Uh oh Auggie was never born!

Auggie trying to fix things so he can be born again. First Farkle and Smackle Haha love Nerdy Smackle. 

Now Riley and Maya

“Lucas told me that I shouldn’t let you boss me around. That I should stand up to you.” 

“You got that in you quacky?”



Riley sees the potential in Maya who isn’t so tough. She just puts on a facade. 

Uh oh…Auggie is fading.

Riley changed Cory. We are all important. 

“I’ve always believed in the world Riley. And there’s a force in it strong enough to keep us from flying away. I believe that force knows how to hold onto us. —–it’s GRAVITY the force that keeps us together!! Our circumstances and how we interact with everyone will stay with us forever.

History is not just about names and dates, it is about much much more. 


Haha Ava and Dewey are done.

Love the throwbacks to season 1! Cheese and “how was that” and Auggie is coming back!

The dreaded 3 o clock hallway meet up. Uh Oh

“I gotta say bowhead Not a lot of people would be on time for this party.” 

“Well than they’re rude.”


Riley is still optimistic and finding the good in even the toughest people. Maya still vulnerable, Lucas still looking out for his friends. 

Aww Thunder, Lightning. A start to something new.

hahaha “Auggie, what are you doing in my school?” “You see me?!” 

“Who’s this?” “My kid brother.” “I am!? I was born. Yay!” “And now you’re dead. Yay” lol Maya still “doesn’t like” Auggie

Haha Aww everything is as it should be. “Sup” 
Loved all the recalls to past episodes from seasons 1 and 2! 😊

Photo Credit: Disney Channel