Godzilla vs Riley


Danielle Fishel has co-written and directed what may be the best episode yet!!! Rowan pulled off yet another brilliant performance and the comic timing and emotion of the episode almost had me in tears.

Binge-a-thon!!! –We all know we’ve been there. You gotta catch up before something huge! (Aka Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life or anything on Netflix these days) — The girls just spent 3 days in the Bay Window watching Red Planet Diaries and don’t realize it’s Monday. 

*Gasp* Riley just said no to Topanga! Ohh no this is not going to go very well. 

At school Maya tries to tell Riley to just listen to her mom, but Riley just sees the whole debocal as a way for her to decide for herself what she wants. 

Cory can sense Topanga’s anger..haha

Hahaha Sarah!!! “I’m Maya now, the way it always should have been.” Riley and her faithful sidekick Maya “Ring Power!” “I don’t do that.” 

Wow Topanga’s is really was swamped and Topanga really needed and expected Riley to show up.

Uh ohhh this isn’t good.  Riley thinks everything is being over dramatized like tv. 

She could have recorded the finale, but wait she did and still didn’t show up to help her mother. Eek Topanga just cracked her neck. This isn’t good at all. 

Auggie…trying the soften the explosion with humor and Cory running away. Ohhhhh Topanga grounds her for 3 weeks and she is mad! 

Oh no she didn’t just open her computer again, but oh yes she did. NOT a smart move Riley.

Computer gone, phone gone, and best friends phone gone?? Haha Maya’s reaction though “You can do that?” 

And everyone has seen the finale of Red Planet Diaries except for Maya and Riley and they spoiled it for them. Good job Farkle for not predicting anything. 

What did Riley learn now that she is about to try to decifer. Diplomatic Solution. Ohh Riley that was not a solution. “You don’t care about what’s important to me, you only care about what’s important to you.”  

Bad, bad road Riley. Haha Cory hitchhikers with banjos are really scary, especially in the dark on a cliff. Not everything is about you Riley. 

Just because you’re a good person doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes every now and than. –We’ve all done it. It’s inevitable, but there is also listening and respecting the other person. Especially a parent.–Riley hasn’t caught on quite yet and she’s taking the low road this time around. 

The power struggle and dynamic in this scene…ohhh so good!! 

Riley runs to Maya’s apartment. She didn’t have anywhere else to go. 

Haha Riley has moved onto desperation in life. She’s taken up the career path to become the editor of Vogue. 

Inevitably Riley ends up feeling horrible about what she’s done, yet doesn’t want to give her mom the upper hand because she’s a good person. 

“Your mother is the strongest, smartest woman I know. This isn’t going to break her. Nothing can break her.”  

Topanga is strong but everyone breaks at some point. Riley is her first born little girl. Hahah Auggie isn’t enough for her.”well that was honest”

Now guilt and reality sinks in for Riley. She loves her mom and realizes that maybe her decision was wrong and Topanga still holds her foot down with the grounding but all for good reasoning and intention.

The tag for this episode was so touching!!! I love Riley and Topanga’s relationship and I loved this moment. ❤️ 

Photo Credit: Disney Channel