Girl Meets Bear: A mixture of the past, present, and future.


The writing of this show never ceases to amaze me! Splendid writing by Mackenzie Yeager. Huge shout it to Ocean Maturo for his debut as young Auggie, he did a great job. Young Riley (Lindsey Lamer) and Young Maya (Ivy George) were adorable and oh course Josh is also back which is always fun! 

The episode starts off with Maya devising a plan to wake up at 6:17 to be first in line for Pacos Tacos 25 cent Tacopalooza to get a Bobblehead. We know Maya is nuts about Tacos and apparently really bad at fractions. 

Riley, who still holds tight to Barry the bear, wakes up to find out he is missing from where she placed him in the Bay Window. She immediately freaks out calling for a Matthews Family Emergency to find him. 

Hahaha “Everybody out of the house in 10’seconds. Yes!” Love an enthusiastic Topanga

Riley wants to search for Barry the bear immediately and Maya just wants some tacos, oh and so does Cory. Haha Love that they threw that in, nice little reference to BMW. No one seems to see the importance of Barry the bear for Riley. Cory makes the mistake of saying it’s not really a big deal. Yeah huge mistake. Haha “I messed up, I messed up.”

Riley goes to explain that Barry was a part of her childhood and went through a lot with her. She declares that her childhood is missing. Zay, Farkle, and Lucas show up eager to enjoy Tacos that aren’t there. 

Yes!! Maya and Cory freak out!!!! This was hilarious. The search for Riley’s bear, the bear Auggie chewed the face off of begins. Haha Auggie just really wants to forget it.  


We see an adorable flashback of a young Riley and young Maya playing with Barry. Next. Young Auggie enters wanting to play with his big sister and her best friend but they ignore him. So he gets upset and angry and bites Barry’s head off. 


Haha loved the continuity that Zay brings up Riley eating the cookie! That was great and funny.

Auggie try’s to explain that this isn’t his fault and that he just wanted to play and Barry just happened to be in the way. 

Cory wants to respect what means so much to Riley so he announces they respect her feelings. “Let’s go find that stupid faceless bear.” Haha way to have respect Cory.

Farkle and Lucas switched characters to try to come up with an excuse because they really don’t want to spend the day looking for a teddy bear. Nice try boys. Haha Zay, you are a supportive friend and of course Maya just wants some Tacos.

We can’t begin this search with a story first though. Loved Sabrina’s delivery of this line “Hey, a story” 

The origin of Barry the Bear.

We get a flashback to young Riley sick at home. Cory and Topanga having to work give Riley Barry the bear to keep her company. Riley is sad and doesn’t want her parents to leave. Topanga and Cory explain that “When you look at this bear, it’s like we’re looking right back at you” “so it’s like we’re with you all day.” ” and when you hug Barry, it’s like you’re hugging us.” We see Cory and Topanga leave a sad Riley, though she eventually gives in and hugs the bear. 

Haha now everyone is sad and wants to look for the bear, well except Maya. “How is it possible that I can end up in a situation like this?”Hahaha a callback to the Girl Meets Bay Window flashback including young Riley and Maya. 

The search starts off with a big find from Cory’s childhood, and of course it comes with a lesson. Brilliant BMW reference, loved it! Auggie finds Cory’s Dads silver boxing gloves that were given to Cory as a kid. Cory explains to Auggie that he’d lost them for the second time, which prompts Auggie to ask “shouldn’t they be important to you?”Cory says they were. He explains that his dad wanted him to have something that meant so much to him. That’s what was important. Not the thing itself, but that he gave them to me.” Cory tells Auggie he doesn’t  want the responsibility that comes with the gloves and keeping up with them, and Auggie’s response is just on point! 

“True. The crushing weight of the bear has messed me up for life.” 

Upon them leaving, Maya is left with Zay in the living room. Seeing Maya alone causes Zay to recall when he first moved to New York. He was alone, yet Maya came to sit down next to him and talk. Haha Maya “Yeah did I say anything important?”Zay says no but he appreciated that she sat there next to him. Maya has confused look on her face as to why Zay brought that up. Sensing the awkward silence he gets up to look some more. 

So many scenes to love, like this one with Topanga and Farkle. Farkle finds an old picture of Topanga from her childhood. Haha “I heard you were a hippy dippy child of the universe.” 

Farkle asks why she isn’t like her childhood self anymore. Topanga explains that while she isn’t like her old self, that her old self is still inside of her. She explains that “As we grow whoever it is we used to be just become a part of out scrapbook.” Just like the Farkle he used to be isn’t the same person he is now. Upon this the connection to Riley’s teddy bear comes in. Like all of his past personalities, Riley’s bear is a part of her past.

Next we have a great scene with Lucas and Riley. Riley asks Lucas if there is anything from his childhood that he still hangs on to. Lucas tells Riley the story of his Pappy Joe giving him a sack of gold when he was 4 years old. He explains that Zay also had a sack of gold which turned out to be bubble gum. For Lucas he believed his sack of gold was and is a real sack of gold. From listening to Lucas Riley discovers that “it’s funny about these things we hold onto, and how life let’s us know when it’s time to let it go.” “Yeah sometimes it’s just a little bag of bubble gum, but if the right person gives it to you, it’s a sack of gold.” -Loved this realization

Josh enters the Matthews apartment in his usual manner, shoving Maya, who happens to be sitting in front of the door. 

He’s back from college with laundry ready. Haha “My brother!” “My laundry” “His laundry!” “I’m sorry I’ve lost my mind.” “I’ll just take these to the and wash it in the creek myself.” Haha Cory always digs himself into these little holes. 

Haha  Maya “who do you most want to be here.” Josh helps Maya up. He asks where everyone is, to which Topanga  explains that they are looking for Riley’s teddy bear. Ha one that Josh clearly remembers as well. Riley wants to declare the bear lost and focus on Maya, but Josh says she needs to keep looking. “No, no giving up.” “Yes. Give up yes.” “No it’s important we find it.”Auggie runs in to greet Uncle Josh asking how college is and we come to yet another lesson! 

We come to find out Josh is not having an easy adjustment to college at all. (So relatable!!! That transition isn’t easy!) “You wanna stay here tonight?” “Just tonight? How about forever.”  

“You think your ready.” “You think your ready.” “What’s the matter honey?” Haha Maya, gotta love her. “I wasn’t ready!” “It’s hard, I wasn’t ready!” Haha I think this is my new favorite word Schnoopaloop!  Josh “blames” his roommate for him not being ready for college. How did he become Schnoopaloop’s roommate? “How did this happen to me?” “I’ll tell you how it happened. I grew up!” “You know what I know?” High School is your last stop before you grow up. So, You don’t give up on that teddy bear, you hang on tight. You find that bear.” A lesson about the future mixed in with the past to learn in the present. 

Little Riley and Maya are at their antics again! Clearly throwing Maya off her game. That was precious they took the bear. Love the added music. 

Maya held on to the Taco dream for as long as she could. Loved this scene with Josh and Maya. “We looked everywhere, we can’t find him.” “I didn’t think you would.” “Why not?” “Because I have a really strong feeling that it’s supposed to be gone.” “Where?” “Wherever these things go.” Love Josh’s little attitude.

Riley learns from Uncle Josh what is important, but first it’s Maya who hits the nail on the head with this scene. “Remember when Auggie wanted to give up Mister Googly and grow up?” “But then I didn’t because I wasn’t ready.” “Yeah. Good for you.” “But at some point I think we are ready.” “How do we know when that is Maya?” “I think something inside us tells us. I think it actually comes to tell us.” 

While Maya doesn’t want to let Riley down by telling her Barry is gone on purpose, Riley didn’t want to let Maya down about not getting her Tacos. Riley realized that the Tacos and Bobblehead were important to Maya so she turned on the waterworks for her best friend. “Oh Bobby, I will hold you tight and never let you go.” Hahaha “yes you will and that will be okay.” 

Awwwwww Cory handed the Silver boxing gloves down to his son, because what’s important is that he gave them to Auggie.

Haha now Riley understands that Auggie chewed Barry’s face off because he wanted to hang out with her and Maya, she’s okay with that. Haha “Can we hang out?” “No get out of here.”

Upon observing Riley and her friends Josh also learns a lesson. “Josh you can stay here for as long as you like.” Haha Maya  always chiming in when it comes to Josh “yeah you can.” “I know, thank you, but looking at you guys I get this feeling that there are some good friends to be made back at my dorm.” “Maybe Josh just needs to get to know them better.” “Maybe I just need to let them get to know me a little better.”

(I may be one of few who liked this conversation between Zay, Josh, and Maya.) The way I think Zay sees it is now that Lucas and Riley are going out he realizes that he, along with Maya will be “ditched”. “He’s not going to think anything at all about ditching one of his best friends.” “I’m not ditching…” “You abandoned me for her.” Lol 

He doesn’t want Maya to feel left out so he confronts Josh. “If you really care about her like you say, then you don’t want to see her thinking so much about that she misses now do you?” “No, what do you have in mind?” “Zay, what do you have in mind?” I feel like Maya is a bit thrown by Zay in this moment. Zay explains again that she helped him not feel like an outsider in their group of friends. He goes on to say a lot is going to happen to their group but though he may do something stupid, what isn’t stupid is Maya and Riley’s friendship. He sees that and understands it. He’d be happy to sit next to her in their group of friends at the movies so she doesn’t feel left out.

Hahaha asking Josh for “permission” was funny. “Is that alright with you?” “I don’t really care” “Is that alright with you?” “Well I think that’s up to Maya.” Parting ways, Josh says he’ll see her next time he’s around. 

In the tag for this episode Zay asks Maya if it’s okay with her if he sits next to her at the movies when they go with Lucas and Riley so they can all be together. Maya says “yeah that’d be okay. Thank you for asking.” (This is a bit ambiguous, but it is what it is. I guess we’ll see what’s to come next.) 

Haha Auggie asking Farkle to go to the movies was hilarious! Corey’s delivery of “what” was just golden. 

To end it all young Riley and Maya appear with Barry complete with a yellow hat and suitcase departing for good. Barry is just a wonderful memory in Riley’s scrapbook. She has an amazing group of friends to grow up with now. 

All in all this episode was jam packed with lesson after lesson. Every single character took something from a simple search for a lost childhood teddy bear. 
Whether we are holding tight to something given to us, letting go of something from the past, or learning to grow and change, we can ALL take something from this episode. 

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Magnificent points on why Girl Meets World is the HIT it is and why it needs to stick around. 

Girl Meets World has brought light to some really important and relevant things going on in the world. The characters are freshman in high school and they are at the peak of discovering themselves while growing up episode after episode. That growth began in season 1, expanded in season 2, and continues into season 3. They cover some of the greatest conversation stirring episodes to date!

Below are just a “few” highlights on episodes that are worth talking about with your family and even your friends.

Season 1

GIRL MEETS FLAWS For some reason Disney didn’t want this episode to air, but it is so relevant and important!! This episode teaches every child, preteen, teen, and adult that EVERYONE HAS FLAWS. As Cory says in this episode “If we sense our own flaws because we see them in others, it’s true friends who help us wipe them away.” 


This episode teaches us how important it is to appreciate everyone in our lives. Whether that be our parents, teachers, and other staff members at school.

GIRL MEETS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS  Apart from the best reunion ever and meeting a grown up Josh Matthews for the first time, there is a wonderful message behind it all. Don’t let what others have dictate how you live or hold you back.


We learn the importance of putting away technology and the value that comes with having conversations with friends and family, as well as what we can do with our creativity.


We learn along with Riley about responsibility and what it means to value family. 

Season 2

GIRL MEETS I AM FARKLE This episode of season 2 tackled Farkle potentially being on the Autism Spectrum. Eventually we find that it is his science “nemisis” Isadora Smackle that has Aspergers Syndrome. In class Cory Matthews talks of the importance of embracing our own uniqueness as individuals, because that is what makes us who we are.

This episode even received recognition from Autism Speaks, the world’s leading science and advocacy organization for Autism. AutismSpeaks on Girl Meets I am Farkle

GIRL MEETS STEM In this episode to widely known topic in schools throughout the country of STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) In this episode Riley wants to be able to show that she can do just as well in a subject that is typically geared towards men. In the end of the episode she talks of being a feminist. The article below talks of how Girl Meets World  is a show not afraid to speak of feminism in multiple encouraging ways. GMW-A feminist show


This emotional episode speaks of change. As we grow we all must change and grow up no matter how hard that may be. When addressing Maya’s fear of letting go of her “safe” place, Cory and Topanga gave some great advice, simply telling the group of friends that change is inevitable and will come whether we are ready or not, so embrace it and don’t get too comfortable with what is.

“The truth is people get comfortable with what’s familiar. And when you get too comfortable, you don’t allow yourself room to grow.” “The worst you can do is fold your arms and refuse to accept what’s supposed to come anyway.” 

GIRL MEETS THE FORGIVENESS PROJECT This episode touched a lot of people in many ways. We learn through Maya the importance of forgivenss and forgiving people in our lives, but most importantly the act of forgiving ourselves.

 GIRL MEETS RILEYTOWN This powerful episode covered the widely known topic of cyber bullying. It also taught that when bullied you should go to an adult figure and tell your friends because they will always be there for you. 

Season 3

Though we are only halfway through this season Girl Meets World  the writers and cast are delivering incredible episodes.


This episode tackles the world of social media and how our society has let it take over and shape our lives when that shouldn’t be the case. The only thing that matters in our friendships and families is staying true to ourselves. This article highlights brilliant aspects of the episode  Starry Magazine-Girl Meets Jexica


While this episode helps the character Maya realize how the influences in her life, the influence of hope and changed her and helped her find her true self the episode also shined its  bright light on the good work Police Officers do for the community, right at a point when our world needs it. Girl Meets True Maya-A review


This episode, while the focus would seem to be on Katy and Shawn’s marriage, the real focus is Maya. It teaches us to about coming to terms with your past, especially the bad things, and allowing for something better to come into your life.


Perhaps the most relative of them all is the most recent episode. In Girl Meets The Real World both Auggie and Riley learn a lesson about the good and bad of the world they (we) live in. They take opposite sides but learn the importance of the better. As Auggie cleaned up trash on the beach, we to can do our part to make a difference.


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The Real World: Good vs “Evil” What voice will you listen to? 

Ben Savage and Joshua Jacobs make a splendid team! Shouts to amazing writing and direction. Also shouts to Rowan, Auggie, and Amir, they all did a great job and all keep growing in their craft. 

What starts with a debate on whether the sun shines only during the day turns into an debate of good against evil. “How often do we get so lost in what we think that we refuse to listen to what the other side has to say.” “It’s not enough to go through life without considering the other point of view.”

Cory assigns the side of evil to Riley on purpose to teach her what ultimately turns out to be a very good lesson. 



Hahaha of course Farkle would turn Poom into an acronym. 

“You wouldn’t dare!” Haha sorry Riley time to look at a new side of the world. 

“How could people possibly be evil.” “I don’t know man.” Whatcha gonna with that printer Maya?

Maya has a straight forward approach to easing Riley into the real world. That poor sheep. 

“Riley you’re wearing a wool sweater.” “It’s looking at you.” “Get it off of me!!” Hahahaha 

Awww Auggie wants to clean up the beach so he can enjoy the sand between his toes. “How do you know about that?” “I’m a world citizen.” 

The trashed beach threw Riley a little off balance but that doesn’t compare to what’s about to come. “So how do you feel?” “I feel transformed.” “Evils gooey tentacles have squeezed my pure heart, but I’ll never believe that people aren’t good.” 

Riley’s take on the real world is about to take a turn that no one saw coming. 

“Climate change, poverty, war.” “This is the way that the world is?” 

The Riley Committee- whose sole purpose was to shield Riley from the bad in the world. Riley the one who sees the good in everyone and they don’t want that taken away from them. 

“Don’t let reality change you. Reality’s only as powerful as you let it be.” 

Simple Riley is gone- introducing Riley Matthews Evil Person.

Ohhh Riley’s crossed the line and taken this evil thing to the extreme. Eating Zay’s cookie from Grandma Gandy was a bit over the top. Zay appreciates and looks forward to Grandma Gandy’s cookie. Not only does she eat it she then insults it. 

With Riley everything is a bit extreme. She is still learning about the world. Riley has opened the door to the other side of the world. A world that’s “brand new” to her. So she must explore it. 

In life, we can too open the door to a bad habit or bad influence that we are exposed to and can in turn change us into someone we aren’t. 

Two Shoes Louie. What’s $2 dollars?? He seems like a guy who just wants some shoes that match. Riley is clouded by what she now knows and therefore assumes that what he does with the money given to him isn’t good. 

This whole beach trash pick up scene was spectacular. One of my favorite parts of the whole episode, I love Matthews family moments. “Auggie do you really think that what you did means anything?” 

Does doing something small, like cleaning up a trashy beach or recycling or making a donation to charity mean anything? 

Here we have Auggie who is overjoyed about cleaning up a small portion of trash at the beach, while Riley doesn’t quite see the point of what he did. 

The starfish story is pure brilliance!! “Sometimes starfish wash up on the beach; miles and miles of starfish. And the sun rises and it drys them out and then they die. So a little boy picks one up and he throws it back into the water, and someone standing there says, What do you think that’s going to do? There’s too many of them to pick up. Do you really think you made a difference. And the little boy says I made a difference to that one.

Eventually Riley learns why the sun shines during the night.  

“If we didn’t notice the change, it would mean we are not possessed of a natural goodness that helps us recognize it in others.”

Haha gotta love Zay throwing shade at Cory-

 “it’s possible that I could forgive her in time.” “Why do you think that is?”  “Cause I was raised right. I don’t know who raised her?””Why do think you might forgive her?” “Cause I know what she did, isn’t who she is. Sometimes good people do bad things.”

“There are two voices in us, both sides know how to present their point…” “which point wins?” “That is the only debate that matters. That’s the only reason the sun shines in the middle of the night. There is good and there is evil. I found that if you choose good, the world is more than willing to help you out.” 

It’s two shoes Louie!! Maya Papaya and Bright Eyes. Aww he wanted Riley to be the one to give him two dollars because that’s all be needed to get matching shoes. 

Even the smallest gesture of kindness helps and it’s all we need to do to start making a difference. 

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