The Real World: Good vs “Evil” What voice will you listen to? 

Ben Savage and Joshua Jacobs make a splendid team! Shouts to amazing writing and direction. Also shouts to Rowan, Auggie, and Amir, they all did a great job and all keep growing in their craft. 

What starts with a debate on whether the sun shines only during the day turns into an debate of good against evil. “How often do we get so lost in what we think that we refuse to listen to what the other side has to say.” “It’s not enough to go through life without considering the other point of view.”

Cory assigns the side of evil to Riley on purpose to teach her what ultimately turns out to be a very good lesson. 



Hahaha of course Farkle would turn Poom into an acronym. 

“You wouldn’t dare!” Haha sorry Riley time to look at a new side of the world. 

“How could people possibly be evil.” “I don’t know man.” Whatcha gonna with that printer Maya?

Maya has a straight forward approach to easing Riley into the real world. That poor sheep. 

“Riley you’re wearing a wool sweater.” “It’s looking at you.” “Get it off of me!!” Hahahaha 

Awww Auggie wants to clean up the beach so he can enjoy the sand between his toes. “How do you know about that?” “I’m a world citizen.” 

The trashed beach threw Riley a little off balance but that doesn’t compare to what’s about to come. “So how do you feel?” “I feel transformed.” “Evils gooey tentacles have squeezed my pure heart, but I’ll never believe that people aren’t good.” 

Riley’s take on the real world is about to take a turn that no one saw coming. 

“Climate change, poverty, war.” “This is the way that the world is?” 

The Riley Committee- whose sole purpose was to shield Riley from the bad in the world. Riley the one who sees the good in everyone and they don’t want that taken away from them. 

“Don’t let reality change you. Reality’s only as powerful as you let it be.” 

Simple Riley is gone- introducing Riley Matthews Evil Person.

Ohhh Riley’s crossed the line and taken this evil thing to the extreme. Eating Zay’s cookie from Grandma Gandy was a bit over the top. Zay appreciates and looks forward to Grandma Gandy’s cookie. Not only does she eat it she then insults it. 

With Riley everything is a bit extreme. She is still learning about the world. Riley has opened the door to the other side of the world. A world that’s “brand new” to her. So she must explore it. 

In life, we can too open the door to a bad habit or bad influence that we are exposed to and can in turn change us into someone we aren’t. 

Two Shoes Louie. What’s $2 dollars?? He seems like a guy who just wants some shoes that match. Riley is clouded by what she now knows and therefore assumes that what he does with the money given to him isn’t good. 

This whole beach trash pick up scene was spectacular. One of my favorite parts of the whole episode, I love Matthews family moments. “Auggie do you really think that what you did means anything?” 

Does doing something small, like cleaning up a trashy beach or recycling or making a donation to charity mean anything? 

Here we have Auggie who is overjoyed about cleaning up a small portion of trash at the beach, while Riley doesn’t quite see the point of what he did. 

The starfish story is pure brilliance!! “Sometimes starfish wash up on the beach; miles and miles of starfish. And the sun rises and it drys them out and then they die. So a little boy picks one up and he throws it back into the water, and someone standing there says, What do you think that’s going to do? There’s too many of them to pick up. Do you really think you made a difference. And the little boy says I made a difference to that one.

Eventually Riley learns why the sun shines during the night.  

“If we didn’t notice the change, it would mean we are not possessed of a natural goodness that helps us recognize it in others.”

Haha gotta love Zay throwing shade at Cory-

 “it’s possible that I could forgive her in time.” “Why do you think that is?”  “Cause I was raised right. I don’t know who raised her?””Why do think you might forgive her?” “Cause I know what she did, isn’t who she is. Sometimes good people do bad things.”

“There are two voices in us, both sides know how to present their point…” “which point wins?” “That is the only debate that matters. That’s the only reason the sun shines in the middle of the night. There is good and there is evil. I found that if you choose good, the world is more than willing to help you out.” 

It’s two shoes Louie!! Maya Papaya and Bright Eyes. Aww he wanted Riley to be the one to give him two dollars because that’s all be needed to get matching shoes. 

Even the smallest gesture of kindness helps and it’s all we need to do to start making a difference. 

Photo Credit: Disney Channel