Girl Meets World: Impact 2.0: It’s all about the lessons!

Now that  another season has come to a close, I just wanted to highlight the positive impact Girl Meets World has had on its audience. This show has touched on so many important topics that stand out in the world of children’s television.  The lessons taught on this show episode to episode are undeniably amazing and they kept getting better. Girl Meets World season 2 has brought some amazing life changing lessons, and here is my take on the shows creativity, brilliance and authenticity and some fans, as well as my favorite lessons of the season!

This is a show about much more than what character will or will not date another. This show is about life and learning and growing with a great group of friends. This show is real and this show is worth taking in for the lessons it is teaching everyone in the audience from young to older.

 Photo Credit: Disney

Here are some highlights and my take on the shows brilliance, creativity, and authenticity.

Brilliance- Girl Meets World is one of the best shows to hit Disney Channel. The way the creator Michael Jacobs and his writers have tackled even the toughest subjects is relatable and they are always done beautifully. The character development and this ensemble of a cast is amazing.

Creativity- The choices the cast and crew of this show make are amazing. From the way to episodes are brought to the screen from, and the use of various guest stars to guide Riley and her friends through their adventures in life, to the quality of the creative choices made to depict a specific atmosphere, creator Michael Jacobs and his team are hitting it out of the park.

Authenticity- Girl Meets World is one unique show in its own entity. The ability for the show to break the 4th wall is pretty spectacular. This show is unique because the life lessons really sink into many viewers lives. We the audience, are finding ourselves thinking of something we learned from an episode of Girl Meets World as we go through our lives and then applying it. This is a show that exhibits a realness that is palpable.

How did GMW impact YOU? Some fans sent me  of the lessons and episodes that stood out to them, as well as why they love Girl Meets World.

Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project

Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving someone else.

 Girl Meets Tell Tale Tot

It’s not the big gestures that we do for other people that help us grow up, but the small ones you make for yourself.

Girl Meets The Secret of Life

People Change People

Ava, age 10: (through her mother’s words) She loves to watch because she loves all the characters. She actually LISTENS to the lessons, because I hear her repeating them when she’s with her friends or she will repeat what she learned to me.

Girl Meets The Bay Window

Sometimes change may not be what we want,but sometimes change is exactly what we need.

 Change allows room for growth.

Stacey, age 32:  I love that I can see some of my favorite memories from my childhood and still watch it with my friends and it’s just as good. The life lessons that each episode gives are amazing 🙂


Girl Meets Commonism

Making individual choices isn’t easy, the important ones take work, but once you realize it, everything turns out alright and that’s when you discover who you are.

Girl Meets I am Farkle

How you live your life, what you do with whatever you’re given, how you treat the other people around you. These are your actions, this is your name, that’s who you are.

Girl Meets Hurricane

Never give up and always have hope in something. Life puts people in front of us so that we can be prepared for what comes next.

Girl Meets STEM

Your gender does not limit what you can do in life or the choices you make about what you enjoy.

Lisa, age 24:  Not only is GMW such a throwback to the original show, it also has it’s own charm which makes it unique and special. The new characters and their storylines are phenomenal. No one is left out and it breaks the mold on what people assume “Disney” to be. 

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

You hold your world in your hands. Nothing’s impossible if you take a shot.

 There is no end to your horizon.

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

We need to recognize people for who they are, and not what they look like, because it’s only our contribution to the world and each other that gives you any real stature

Julia, age 13: My favorite thing about the show is the different personalities and lessons from the show that are in each episode. 

Girl Meets Gravity

You’re not the center of everything. Surround yourself with the ones you love.

Girl Meets Money

What “us” can do for them. What can you do for others.

 Girl Meets Legacy

Sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason.

 What will you keep hold of and what will you give back others as you grow?

Thank You for a wonderful season of growth!! 



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